Professor: ‘Fish Caught Off Coast Of America And Of Course Near Hawaii Have Had HIGH LEVEL Of CESIUM’

Professor: “Fish caught off coast of America and of course near Hawaii have had high level of cesium” — “We had scientists in Hawaii tracking radiation” from Fukushima (ENENews, Feb 26, 2014):

Dr. Daniel P. Aldrich, Associate Professor and University Faculty Scholar at Purdue University, Feb. 25, 2014: “We had scientists in Hawaii tracking the radiation in the water and yes, some fish [caught] off the coast of America and of course near Hawaii have had high level of caesium.”

Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Feb 16, 2014: Senate Bill on testing for nuclear radiation advances — Two state Senate committees have passed a bill calling for the Hawaii Department of Health to launch a pilot project to monitor radiation levels for five years because some people are concerned about fallout from the March 11, 2011, nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan. Senate Bill 3049 has received some lawmakers’ support, despite opposition from state health officials […] Sen. Russell Ruderman (D, Puna), who co-sponsored the bill, said the committee heard from dozens of residents who are concerned. […] He said there’s also a question whether the kind of monitoring being done now is sufficient for the kinds of threats faced by the public from the Fukushima fallout. […] Sen. Josh Green (D, Naalehu-Kailua-Kona), a co-sponsor of the bill, said he felt the Health Department needs to improve its website and its ability to provide information quickly about radiation levels […]

See also: ‘Extensive’ plume of Fukushima radiation almost due north of Honolulu in May 2013; Cesium of 8 Bq/m³ found — Japan Musicians: Very important for Hawaii to do tests; “The world should know what’s going on in the Pacific” (VIDEO)

And: TV: Hawaii Senators introduce bill to require Fukushima radiation monitoring for at least next 5 years — Nuclear engineer concerned, wants to ensure people are safe — Official: “The fact we can detect it throws fear into individuals” (VIDEO)

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  1. On related topic, here is another story. I agree with much of it, but not all. They refer to decades……and we don’t have that much time left….especially on the west coast.
    The author says he is in panic because of the blackout, and no panic anywhere.
    I agree with that, but we are looking at the prospect of a dead Pacific Ocean that will uproot every industry and destroy human quality of life on the west coast in the next couple of years……assuming it continues to die at the rate it is currently doing.
    Humans have always relied on the oceans for food, oxygen and many sorts of industries and jobs. The tourism which has made places like CA and Hawaii so prosperous will be gone.
    Children and adults alike will be unable to visit the seashore…….already our coasts are full of shoes, clothing and other crap from the 311 event, and the media is mute.
    This is what happens when 6 corporations control all the news outlets………nothing is put out but lies. Does anyone realize what that will do to the food, hotel, tourism, cruse ship, and thousands of other industries? It is no longer safe to eat any fish. The big sea animals are showing up on our coastline now. US media says to enjoy the rare sightings…….they are there because they are starving for food and oxygen, not to give fools a show.
    This is why nations cannot be run by committee……it will always revert to the average, and below average. Rather than speak up, they continue the lies.
    Here is one more interview, but I don’t believe we have the time left they mention…….it is happening very quickly.
    Thanks for all you do to keep the truth alive in the land of obfuscation and lies.


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