Scientists Find Nuclear Waste Off San Diego Coast – Fukushima’s Problems Now Felt In Local Ecosystem – Prof. Most Worried About ‘Pools’ Of Cesium

TV: Scientists have found nuclear waste off San Diego coast — Fukushima’s problems now being felt in our local ecosystem — Professor most worried about finding ‘pools’ of cesium — “Time will tell how this plays out” (VIDEO) (ENENews, Feb 4, 2014):

ABC San Diego, Feb. 3, 2014 –Steve Atkinson, 10 News: There continues to be serious concerns about whether radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster has reached our shores.

Fox 5 San Diego, Feb. 3, 2014 (Emphasis Added):


Watch the Fox 5 broadcast here

2 thoughts on “Scientists Find Nuclear Waste Off San Diego Coast – Fukushima’s Problems Now Felt In Local Ecosystem – Prof. Most Worried About ‘Pools’ Of Cesium”

  1. It isn’t just in San Diego….it is along the beaches in every part of CA. It is just awful, and nothing is being done to clean it up, or do a thing. People must not go on the beaches, nor let their children. I doubt if they are being told this, but it is pretty obvious. All sorts of Japan’s trash is here in Bodega Bay in Sonoma County….radioactive as hell.
    Nothing is being done. Disgusting, depraved indifference to the lives of millions.
    When I think of the millions of people who used to come here just to visit our beaches, now they are poisoned. Soon, the entire Pacific will be dead, and the stench will be intolerable.
    Already, scavenger animals are not touching dead radioactive poisoned creatures. I don’t think people realize how important that function of nature is for all of us……..
    What a frigging nightmare, and there is no awakening from it.

  2. Our Government has been underwriting the (former) American based Corporations that generate the majority of the worlds nuclear waste. These gensraters absolved of the costs of containment know that the taxpayer picks up the cost of dumping the waste off the Ca coast until the late 70s.
    Anybody with a dollar in a mutual fund or owns shares of these Corporations are are those who have been poisioning all of us since the first reactions happened in Chicago.
    Weve been inhaling ingesting and absorbing radiation since at least the1950s thanks to the profitability of Benitto Mussolinis Corporate State replaced the responsibilities of earning a profit operating under Capitalism.


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