875,000,000,000,000 Bq Of Tritium In Contaminated Water

875,000,000,000,000 Bq of Tritium contained in total contaminated water / Over 60 times much as safety limit (Fukushima Diary, Jan 18, 2014):

Following up this article.. [Column] Contaminated water will be discharged to the Pacific [URL]

The total volume of Tritium contained in the stocked contaminated water is 875 trillion Bq. Tepco submitted the data to Tritium task force of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Currently 400,000 tonnes of contaminated water is stocked in the tanks. 817 trillion Bq of Tritium is contained in it.

Additionally contaminated water is also stocked in reactor buildings etc.. The part of contaminated water outside of the tanks contain 58 trillion Bq of Tritium.

Tritium is not going to be filtered.

This is 59 times much as the annual safety limit of 4 reactors to discharge to the sea. This means, they would take over 59 years to resolve the current water problem even if they choose to discharge it to the sea. In reality, the volume of contaminated water is increasing by over 400m3 per day.


2 thoughts on “875,000,000,000,000 Bq Of Tritium In Contaminated Water”

  1. A trillion is a thousand billion, which is a thousand million…….we are being cooked to death from the inside out. People will soon be seeking alternative ways to die.

  2. This number should make it clear to anyone that we are indeed facing our own civilization collapse and our own demise. Should. Will it?
    Denial is a powerful element in the human psyche…….


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