Nuclear Engineer: It’s a little alerting to see this many articles downplaying Fukushima health effects — You have to think, why is this happening?

Nuclear Engineer: It’s a little alerting to see this many articles downplaying Fukushima health effects — You have to think, why is this happening? — Are they going to walk away from reactors and say sorry, there’s nothing we can do? (VIDEO) (ENENews, Jan 19, 2014):

Chris Harris, former licensed Senior Reactor Operator and engineer, Jan. 16, 2014 (at 21:30 in):

This is not the first time I’ve seen an article lately about downplaying the health effects that we’re seeing due to any kind of elevated radiation that is coming from Fukushima, or from other sources that I’m not aware of. The whole problem is — it’s not that this [by itself] is a problem — the problem is, I’m seeing more and more of these kind of articles coming out […]

I think there’s misleading on both sides. It’s a little alerting when you start seeing many articles coming out downplaying the health effects. You have to kind of think, ‘Why is this happening?’ I’m wondering, is it because someone is going to start saying that there’s really nothing that they can do?

Maybe Tepco is saying that, especially since Tepco last week decided to change the name of their company and start going into the buying and selling of electrical generation. […] Remember, a long time ago I said I wouldn’t be surprised if Tepco got up and walked away from the mess saying, ‘Sorry guys, there’s nothing we can do, see you later.’

Some recent examples include:

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1 thought on “Nuclear Engineer: It’s a little alerting to see this many articles downplaying Fukushima health effects — You have to think, why is this happening?”

  1. They are playing it down because Japan is already a fully fascist state, and they are working overtime to make that a solid reality in the US. Fascism is the complete combination of business with government. Japan is already there, 96% of all their power grid is controlled by TEPCO. The government dance to their tune, and their goal is to keep their money and power.
    TEPCO is already changing their name and endeavoring to get out of some of their businesses by spinning them off, and filing bankruptcy. That is how business gets off the hook of lawsuits, damages, and costs. The cost of Fukushima to them means complete bankruptcy.

    This is where the trouble comes in. Governments are in place to serve the people, business is to serve the shareholders. One is public welfare, the other business profits. They don’t jive, and that is why I sincerely hope Americans don’t let it get in here and set down roots.

    That is what the corrupt supreme court meant when it passed Citizens United, they are working to cede all power to the corporations. Repeal of this horror of a law is on the ballet of 38 states for 2014……Americans better stand up in all 50.

    That law has to be repealed, or the US will be like Japan.
    Business and government cannot be put into one unit.

    That was Mussolini’s dream, he coined the word fascism.
    The symbol was a bundle of thin sticks bound together to form a club. The idea a thin stick isn’t much of a weapon makes sense….tying them all together will hurt someone. Governments are not meant to hurt others….that is the point. Look what happened to Italy. It is still changing governments at amazing rates. Fascism destroyed the country.

    Fascism has destroyed Japan. It is dying as I write this. Allowing TEPCO to put SIX reactors on an earthquake prone area of Japan was begging for trouble. Now, the entire nation is radioactive, many of Japan’s exports get returned because the radiation level is too high. This includes vehicles, food, and parts.

    Japan is no longer safe. The entire population will have to move elsewhere, assuming they survive. If they are smart, they will start packing now

    Here in the west, we have never had to deal with refugee problems. This will be a huge one, and it will spread through Hawaii, and the west coast of the US and Canada. In time, if they cannot stop the meltdown (right now, they haven’t the technology), the entire world will become unlivable. With an onslaught of refugees, it will be a nightmare.

    This is no joke. Radiation is a very painful way to die, you cook from the inside out… those poor sailors on the Reagan aircraft carrier. What a dreadful, painful way to die.
    Right now, Fukushima is too hot for people to go in. When they try using robots, they are destroyed before they can do anything…..this is a growing world disaster.

    This is why they are covering it up. They cannot stop it, and it is the fault of TEPCO and all the corrupt science that was bought and paid to call it a clean form of energy.

    Man is the only species foolish enough to invent things beyond his abilities to control them………and Fukushima is the perfect example.


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