Image Published By Embassy In Japan Shows Fukushima Melted Fuel Deep Underground

Image published by embassy in Japan shows Fukushima melted fuel deep underground (ENENews, Jan 20, 2014):

Radioactive Contaminated Water Leaks (Update) from the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, Science & Technology Office Tokyo (pdf), December 2013:




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  1. Right Now! The Fukushima nuclear power plant reactors fuel rods are currently melting down. The nuclear meltdown has been occurring for the last five years. These uncontrolled nuclear reactions (fusion), in progress, can last for 20 years (at near current toxic radiation levels) which is the adherent nature and danger of nuclear energy. The difference between Fukushima and Chernobyl is that Fukushima is directly contaminating the ocean with a long term fusion meltdowns and creating the most deadly nuclear waste, to the ocean, tritium (H3). Bang, and the worst of Chernobyl was over, within hours, but the Fukushima disaster is a continuous occurrence since the working nuclear fuel did not explode. Most of the nuclear contamination of the ground around the power plant was caused by TEPCO storing spent nuclear fuel rods directly on top of the reactor, in the path of the Hydrogen explosion. If TEPCO would have stored the spent fuel rods anywhere else not ground contamination would have occurred. At Chernobyl, the nuclear fuel was dissipated by the explosion and the critical mass was eliminated. Immediately after the earth quake, the engineers at the Fukushima nuclear power plant believed that the water inside the reactor, without the pumps functioning, could cool the reactor core and did not use the USS Ronald Reagan’s generators to activate the pumps since doing so would humiliated Japan by requesting help from the Americans since the main control panel of the plant was out of commission because of water damage. TEPCO was gambling that the water within the reactor was enough to temporarily cool the nuclear fuel until the control panel could be fixed and electricity restored but that decision was proof that TEPCO engineers did not understand the physics of nuclear reactor that they were responsible for. The engineers were spending all their time attempting to fix the main control panel that was damage by water. The reason why reactor #4 did not meltdown was because a certain bad TEPCO engineer defied orders from senior engineers and managers and attempt to partial restart the cooling pumps, of reactor 4, which is the reason reactor #4 did not melted down. If they (TEPCO engineers) were intelligent the engineers could have bypassed the control panel, cleaned the pumps, started pumping water, using the generators on the USS Ronald Reagan, that was dock close to the reactor, after the earth quake, to power the pumps cooling the reactors and avoiding this entire mess but instead the fusion molten nuclear fuel (2000o C) has escaped the reactor vessels and is outside three of the containment vessels and interacting with the surrounding ground water. Theoretically, the problem is that if the ground water does not cool the melted nuclear fuel that is in fusion, an extremely large nuclear explosion could occur or the melted nuclear fuel in fusion could potentially created a catastrophic occurrence of a run away nuclear meltdown. The exclusive occurrence that is stopping this (run away nuclear meltdown) is that the ground water is cooling the melted nuclear fuel that is under fusion which prevents the nuclear fuel from melting further into the earth’s crust and propagating towards the earth’s core; consequently, millions of gallons of contaminated water is being created then directly and indirectly discharged into the ocean, every single day. The US and Japanese governments have been concealing the three reactor melt down by deceiving the public into the believing that the situation is stable but, in fact, the opposite is true. TEPCO is suggesting that the melted nuclear fuel is stable but, in fact, the melted nuclear fuel rods are at critical mass and is in fusion which is causing the enormous amount of radioactive waste via uncontrolled ground water cooling. The nuclear fuel rod that have achieved critical mass, have began fusion and has melted through the core vessel, of the reactor, and has formed cavities in the ground beneath the decimated reactor core. The ground water is interacted with the melting fusion fuel, within the cavities. This interaction is producing the contaminated water. During the interaction of the molten nuclear fuel and ground water, part of the nuclear fusion material is disintegrating into Cesium and other large particles. Also, some of the water is becoming tritium which is a radioactive isotope that is highly toxic to marine life. The ground water is cooling the uncontrolled nuclear fusion reaction but, do not be mistaken, the disintegration of the nuclear fuel is miniscule compared to the total amount of material in fusion. In otherwords, there is enough fusion fuel for 20 years of continuous hell. This contaminated water is being discharged into the ocean. The TEPCO managers and engineers are completely irresponsible in concealing this extremely dangerous situation.This contaminated water contains both large particles of nuclear material (Cs) and tritium (HL 12.4 yr). The Cs and large other radioactive particles can be completely filter out but the tritium cannot without farther research. There is a massive die off of fish in the Pacific Ocean in the last five years. There is mounting evidence that the US government is concealing the true extent of the nuclear radiation that is found in fish samples. The crab season may be delay because of high levels of radiation, from Fukushima, since crabs are organisms that live at the bottom of the ocean; therefore, being exposed to higher levels of radiation. There is not safe levels of Cesium. Polar bears along the coast of Alaska are suffering from fur loss and open sores. Starfish on the West Coast are disintegrating into piles of white goo and Pacific Herring are bleeding from their gills and eyes. Despite this knowledge, the government refuses to announce how much radiation is infecting our oceans. The population of sockeye salmon from Alaska is at a historic low, thousands of birds are dropping dead in Oregon and sea lions along the California coast are experiencing an unusual mortality rate. All this horrible death and disease to our marine animals can be linked to the explosion of the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant. We live in a greedy country that cares more about money than its people. If fish were to be taken off the market, not only would it cause profit mayhem in the United States. The sales of fishing licenses, stamps, tags and permits generate $25 billion a year in federal, state and local taxes, according to the National shooting sports foundation. In 2012, the U.S. imported approximately $17 billion in edible fishery products and exported $5 billion, according to the NOAA. It is apparent why the government has not put a red flag on the sale of seafood in our country, but it does not mean that it is a safe product to keep consuming. The radiation leaking from Japan still poses a threat to the West Coast and the Pacific Ocean. There are traces in our fish and that is the seafood we are buying and ingesting into our body. If the Fukushima meltdown is not contained, within 20 years, all the major sea life in the Pacific Ocean will die similar to the 100 mile marine dead zone center around the Fukushima power plant. The dead zone radius increases in diameter every week. The radioactive tritium can propagate to the US west coast since tritium weighs 3grams per mole which is extremely light, lighter than water. What can be done to prevent these mishaps—-can the molten nuclear fuel rod material be diluted out of critical mass using molten iron? Can the molten fusion nuclear fuel be spread out into a large volume to eliminate the critical mass. Can metal barriers be drill into the activated fuel under fusion to reduce the mass ratio and eliminate the critical mass? The question is can scientist stop the melt down and more importantly can people understand that the Fukushima reactors are continuously melting down and will do so for 20 years unless something is done but the first and the hardness is to recognize the problem.


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