Fukushima: Global Elite Political Theater

Fukushima: Global Elite Political Theater (Government Slaves, Dec 31, 2013):

Something is far beyond contaminated and glow-fishy about the Fukushima meltdown. For two years it has been discussed and swarming with expertise, but with no limiting or actual efforts to stop the radiological contaminants from being released into the Pacific and all other connected oceans, the largest food and oxygen sources on the planet. Yet, surfers are surfing, swimmers are swimming, children are playing on beaches, and restaurants all over the earth are eating Pacific fish and also contaminated Atlantic fish according to multiple reports.

Also never actually disclosed or addressed is that perhaps as many as 1500 nukes have been tested in the world’s oceans, which also might have produced “contamination” since nuclear pollution doesn’t ever really go away. So, at this juncture I ask myself, where is the left hand and what might it be doing? Politics, as we know, has new meaning in the global world of corporate-political elites. Their political intentions were always based in deceptions from the earliest planning stages to today, for one hundred if not two hundred years. The UN Agenda 21 blueprint has never been fully disclosed in truth or in the open.

The 47 U.S. Biosphere Reserves are still completely under the veil for 90% of American people who have still never heard of them; same with the World Heritage Sites, and they are totally in the dark regarding the 620+ global reserves. Stratospheric Aerial Geoengineering and Solar Radiation Management (chemtrailing) are only just now kind of/sort of acknowledged as “possibly” damaging the planet for 35 years or more as well as the super-secret global HAARP facilities, which happen to super-heat the atmosphere, while aerial spraying traps the “warming” on the ground beneath the artificial, metallized, and very noxious and debilitating clouds and haze that laid across the skies, globally. And suddenly, we have another global crisis, publicized, with people sick, dying badly, and with sea life really, really sick and dying, and with worsening news and contamination pouring into the Pacific every day. Instead, a handful of “experts” are studying, having meetings and press conferences, pondering, coordinating thoughts and ideas, kicking the dirt, etc., etc. What we are witnessing is political theater.

The problem is we, too, are getting sicker and sicker. Fukushima is, after all, not just an oceanic problem. Radioactive ocean water evaporates and rains down…on everything…over the entire planet, and it just so happens that the nano-particulates of aluminum, barium, strontium and other concoctions sprayed from jets and commercial planes, globally, also rain down, blow in the wind…nano-sized mind you…which means their ingredients are wholly and completely unavoidable. Even your N95 masks, coats, gloves, hats and safety glasses cannot protect you, and these nano-particles are in your homes, your cars, all over your children, stores, pets, possessions, lawns, trees, forests, in all watershed systems, and all over the nation and world’s crop fields (think Monsanto “aluminum resistant” seeds). Consider well the over 1400 global seed vaults.

I fear we are experiencing a double-whammy. I am also thinking that a “global” crisis or crises are forthcoming, which will put “global” power centers front and center and in full-force all over the entire world. I equally think that global health may be collapsing as we speak, as global nature is demonstrating. Billions of fish and sea creatures dying, billions of birds, hundreds of trillions of insects and amphibians, and even large sea and forest mammals, far larger than human beings, are dying all around the world…and badly.

Hundreds of millions of forested acres are burning, annually and globally, while global aquifers are being privatized and locked down from most of humanity. Depopulation was always part and parcel of the original plan by globalism’s authors, and certainly a mass die-off of humanity cannot appear as genocide or democide in a mass-media whistleblowing world, not when the orchestrators are so terribly few, but a left-right punch from global catastrophic “events”, especially ones we choose to ignore with our best ignorance, could be our undoing. When we choose to ignore Fukushima and allow governments to ignore mass-extinction “events”, and when we steadfastly refuse to acknowledge that we are sprayed like insects for 35+ years, seeing it above our heads for days and weeks on end, because we “don’t want to think about it,” well…maybe we prove what elites have always believed, that we are “useless”, “ignorant”, “costly”, and “too common” for their many bottom lines. As history has demonstrated century after century after century, when there are too many poor people, human culling occurs, which means they are murdered.

I fear history, once again, is upon us. When whales, dolphins, deer and trillions of other animals and mammals and plants are biting the dust and all at the same time, we’re next…especially because we eat these plants and animals, actually resulting in a third-whammy to humankind. Truth is, folks, we are being in-toxic-acted from every direction humanly possible. What is happening to the world is not an accident. We are getting hit from all angles.

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Rockefellers email to Stew Webb 2001 (Veterans Today):

Sudden and systematic collapse of Great Britain, Chinese and the United States Governments. The rest of the world will fall into anarchy. BILLIONS will perish.




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  1. this shadow Government the Illuminati has to more talked about and flushed out and one by one prosecute them by a judge and we can take back our countries this Illuminati that this well organized and satanist cabal losers, and well documented by Alex Jones in bohemian groove are in positioned as a CEO of major corporations on whats well documented on internal media ….the Illuminati, they control all technologies all patents all media a push to profit all wars , in the past and today and 9/11 was an inside job and I believe all the engineers that looked at building seven and said nano explosives brought down the building and we know have a right and to bring down this group that is well organized you take them down one by one in the courts ! it should be a goal of all Governments world wide…a take down of the Illuminati !…

  2. I see a different outcome. The greedy guts who have plans to take over the world will die because we are all going to die from the fallout from Fukushima. Mankind is the only species foolish enough to invent things beyond our abilities to control them. We knew we could do nothing about a nuclear disaster, but the power it had, and it’s uses outweighed caution……and nuclear plants were built all over the world. I remember a picture of Tokyo about five years ago at night, the power seemed to vibrate there was so much light. We were sold the idea nuclear power was somehow clean, and it was the answer to energy needs for centuries. I have spent my life with highly educated engineers and scientists, and they assured me the benefits outweighed any problem we might have. I wonder what they would say today.
    The world has changed. Sociopathic stooges now run nations at the beck and call of greedy corporations. Japan is an excellent example of why corporations should never be allowed to run nations. TEPCO hold 96% of all Japan’s power grid…….they have the cards, so the government officials folded, and let TEPCO handle it.
    TEPCO turned down Russian help regardless they are best experienced at dealing with such disasters. Reason, Russia would tell the truth, and they don’t want the truth exposed……..they cannot stop it, and it is getting worse all the time. Unlike the disaster in Russia in the 1980s, there were six reactors in a small, volcanic place on the ocean instead of one reactor in a rural area far from most people.
    At least three of the reactors went into nuclear meltdown, and the problem will spread to the other plants. The Pacific Ocean will be totally toxic and dead in 24 more months.
    The food chain has been irrevocably destroyed, and as oceans are the source of oxygen, the world we knew will die……and so will we.
    As for all this stuff about government conspiracy, if there was one, it was poorly thought out. The greedy guts will die too. Nobody is immune from radioactive fallout.
    I read in the UK Guardian they are building luxury fallout shelters with inside swimming pools for those who want to live in a post apocalyptic world………I have no interest in living underground, and most people don’t, either.
    CA, WA, OR and the west coast of Canada and Alaska will be unlivable within the next 18-24 months. To all the greedy guts who grabbed our real estate at pennies on the dollar during the crash……..all I can say is what goes around comes around. It will be worthless, because the area will be unlivable.
    I am grateful I won’t be alive to see it. The rain forest I loved so much is now in year three of a dreadful drought. All the natural waterfalls are silent, no water flows anywhere…….
    As a historian, I have spent my entire life studying history. I have often wondered why civilizations disappeared seemingly without a trace. When I stood in front of a pyramid built thousands of years ago, I was in awe of the high level of engineering that went into building it. The stones are so well cut, that I could not slip a business card between them……….something built so long ago. They had to have better technology than our historians figure.
    A good friend of mine went to Egypt, and went into the pyramid in the Valley of the Kings. He said there was no way those inside chambers could have been built using oil lamps, there was not enough oxygen. They had to have some other source of power, perhaps solar.
    I don’t believe aliens came to help. I think mankind has reached apexes before, and his own folly has caused the civilizations to vanish. Perhaps it was plague, famine….but something happened causing their great civilizations to vanish.
    Recently, another species of man was discovered. They only stood about three feet high. They lived thousands of years ago, but we have no information beyond that. It was in the UK Guardian a couple of months ago.
    Believe me when I say few people with intelligence want to live in a world that has been destroyed by nuclear radiation. There will be suicides by the intelligent ones, the mindless will die of radioactive poisons.
    As for any fools who plan to rule the world, all I can say is better luck next time. It won’t work this time around.

  3. Marilyn Gjerdrum nice post…and one word why the hell is BUSH ..IS NOT IN JAIL!…on War crimes..its 2014.????..and .who owns all the fresh waters around the world…just goggle it…….and one by one take down all Illuminati members that are CEO of companies meet in secretive meetings to over throw Governments like Iran China Russia Syria and want more Wars.and silence the media on japan radiation poisoning of the food supply and planet ….we need to talk about the Illuminati satanist cabal losers jerks wholes and raid there bank accounts in a court order , and force of our corrupt elected politicians and put new ones in ,and because the Illuminati put in there own by them preselected officials in our countries that are corrupt …lets take back our countries in 2014…we where born to be free and not controlled by them!


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