The Ultimate Zombie Tool: ‘Newborn-To-Toddler Apptivity™ Seat For iPad® Device’

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Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity™ Seat for iPad® device (Fisher-Price):


Soothing, entertaining and technology all in one great grow-with-me seat for baby! Lock your iPad® device inside the case to protect from dribbles and drool. Play and learning are at baby’s fingertips, with free apps you can download for your iPad®. Look for apps with black and white images to enhance visual skills, soothing apps with nature scenes, learning apps and more. With all the fun and excitement of apps, this seat still has all the great features of a baby seat: Overhead toys, motion, adjustable 3-position seat recline, rotating toy bar and a mirror that reflects baby’s image when your iPad® device is removed. Easy adjustments let you extend the use from newborn to toddler. Durable case for all generations of iPad®, excluding iPad® mini. iPad® device not included.

• Grows with baby from newborn to toddler
• Download free apps for your iPad® (developmental, soothing & early learning)
• Younger ages apps include soothing sounds, motion and high-contrast patterns that help develop eye-tracking skills; Early learning apps introduce baby to letters, numbers and more, through sing-along songs, sounds & friendly characters
• Bat-at toys on the removable toy bar
• Rotating toy bar adjusts to three different positions as baby grows
• Deep comfy seat & soft head support
• Mirror reflects baby’s image when your iPad® device is removed
• Your iPad® device locks securely inside case to protect from dribbles & drool
• Adjustable 3-position seat recline for comfort & extended use
• Removeable, machine washable seat pad & head support
• Durable case for all generations of iPad®, excluding iPad® mini
• iPad® device not included

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The brain waves of children are up to the age of 6 to 7 years mainly in delta and theta.

Young children are in a hypnotic trance state all of the time.

Why is that important? Their brains can in this state (in which they are naturally in) easily be programmed.

Nature designed it that way so that babies and children can learn everything that is important for their survival from their parents and the environment at an enormous rate.

Have you watched small children when they sit in front of a TV?

Their eyes get ‘big’ and nothing else exists …

… and they are getting programmed with whatever is presented.

The elite knows this and they want to ‘get them while they are young’ and rewire (& destroy) their innocent brains, because then all the programming takes place and is stored in the cerebellum.

That kind of programming cannot be changed for your entire life if you don’t know how to change it (and worst you aren’t even aware of the program).

From the age of about 7 years onwards these programs are stored in the limbic system.

Here the programming can much easier be accessed and changed, but still if you don’t know how to do it and don’t be always aware of your thoughts, words, feelings and actions, then the program will still be running you.

This is why children should NEVER sit in front of a TV in their first 7 years.

Good luck for all consciously aware parents that are trying to prevent that from happening to their children. (You will probably fail.)

Also parents should be very careful about what they are ‘teaching’ their children.

Your children will be programmed by your behaviour patterns.

So be careful what you present to them, because they will imitate everything you do.

People hate it when somebody says to them ‘you behave like your father’ or ‘you behave like your mother’ not because such empty phrases are annoying but because they are the truth.

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