Nuclear Professors: Every Scientist And Engineer Scared About Fukushima Reactor No. 4 SFP Fuel Removal

Nuclear Professors: Every engineer is really scared about fuel removal at Unit 4 — I advised gov’t to be ready to use explosives to collapse pool after 3/11 (VIDEOS) (ENENews, Nov 26, 2013):

Arirang’s ‘In Depth’, Nov. 23, 2013: […] there is mounting concern about radiation leakage caused by the Fukushima nuclear plant destruction. There is reemerged concern as Japan dismantles its nuclear plant.

Professor Suh Kune-yull, Nuclear Engineering at Seoul National University: Q: What’s the situation like in Fukushima? A: Your guess is as good as mine, in fact, nobody‘s really sure about it. […] Q: Everyone around Japan, everyone in the world, we have to be on our toes for the next however many years [fuel removal at Unit 4] will take? A: It’s not many years, it’s many decades — that’s what I’m saying. They’re talking about a year and a half, 18 months. That’s a very implausible case, that there’s no accident […] no slippage? […] That’s where everybody, where every knowledgeable scientist and engineer gets really scared about this.

Watch the broadcast here

Theo Theofanous, Professor of Nuclear Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara, March 16, 2011 (at 55:00 in): In the fourth reactor we had an explosion in the top of the fuel pool. […] So that’s the fourth reactor which up to this point had shown no indication of difficulty. Now we have fire at the top of the pool and now we have an explosion, which destroys the roof […] To me that’s a very big concern […] The situation is the following: Reactors 1 and 3 have lost those pools and the fuel is basically destroyed in there. Reactor 4, the same situation […] The question now is going to be – this morning I was trying to puzzle how do we cool those pools up here? I have been advising through some channels that consult with me for the government, I’ve been advising them to be ready if necessary, to controllably collapse this whole pool into the floor. Because as long as its sitting up there, there’s no way to cover it [with water] […] Basically, controllably with explosive, the floors cut through, and then cut this pool down. […]

Watch the presentation here

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