Head Researcher “Is Sounding The Alarm’ Over Dramatic Changes In Pacific Northwest Killer Whales

Head researcher “is sounding the alarm” over striking changes in killer whales off Canada and Alaska since 2011 — “Unusually high mortality rate” and “odd behavior” — “Experts fear something’s wrong with the environment” (VIDEO) (ENENews, Oct 25, 2013):

Vancouver Sun, Oct. 24, 2013: There have been some puzzling changes in the behaviour of northern resident killer whales that live off the north-central coast of British Columbia and Alaska, says a marine mammal scientist from the Vancouver Aquarium. […] “They weren’t vocalizing, and that was quite a striking change after years and years of being very familiar with how noisy they are and how easy to find acoustically,” [Dr. Lance] Barrett-Lennard said Thursday. […] The team has also noticed an unusually high mortality rate among pod matriarchs, with seven or eight deaths among older females in the pod in the past two years. Normally, the team notices one or two deaths per year. The deaths are likely coincidental and not linked, he said […]

KOMO News, Oct. 24, 2013: […] Dr. Lance Barrett-Lennard says he fears changes in the ocean environment are prompting odd behaviour and an unusually high mortality rate. […] Barrett-Lennard says the changes are striking and need further study. The alarming observations come on the heels of a study revealing that the number of killer whales in Puget Sound is dwindling – especially among reproductive age males. […]

CBC News, Oct. 24, 2013: A Vancouver Aquarium whale researcher is sounding the alarm over what he calls “puzzling” changes observed in the resident killer whale pods that live off the northern coast of B.C. and Alaska. […] “the changes we’ve seen over the last two years are striking and beg an explanation,” says [Dr. Lance] Barrett-Lennard.

CTV News, Oct. 24, 2013: […] The whales have also been seen the past two summers travelling in smaller groups further offshore to find food […]

News1130, Oct. 24, 2013: […] Experts fear something’s wrong with the environment off BC’s coast. […] “In the last couple of years, we’ve noticed the fish eating killer whales off our coast are very, very quiet. It’s a striking change.” [said Dr. Lance Barrett-Lennard.] […] too many matriarchs are dying and more research is needed because something is likely wrong with the ocean environment. The Orca Relief Citizens’ Alliance goes even further saying a loss of reproductive whales could lead to these Orcas becoming extinct.

Watch the CTV broadcast here

1 thought on “Head Researcher “Is Sounding The Alarm’ Over Dramatic Changes In Pacific Northwest Killer Whales”

  1. I just read this on enenews.com and this story isn’t being covered regardless the changes have occurred over the last two years. The denial around this story is appalling. How much longer can people be kept in denial?
    As one of the scientists pointed out in another story on Fukushima, there are things people could be doing to fight back, consumption of iodine, etc.
    But, no information is put out, and people walk around in ignorance. Do the powers that be want us all to die? Don’t the greedy guts have children and grandchildren? Do they think it won’t get them, too?
    Too much denial around this important story, and I cannot figure out why. Usually, there is a self serving aspect to anything our leaders do, but in this case, I cannot see it.


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