SIBIOS: Argentina’s Massive, Orwellian Biometric Database

–  Meet SIBIOS: Argentina’s Massive, Orwellian Biometric Database (Liberty Blitzkrieg, Oct 21, 2013):

Two years ago, the UK dismantled their national ID scheme and shredded their National Identity Registry in response to great public outcry over the privacy-invasive program. Unfortunately privacy protections have been less rosy elsewhere. In Argentina, the national ID fight was lost some time ago. A law enacted during the military dictatorship forced all individuals to obtain a government-mandated ID. Now, they are in the process of enhancing its mandatory National Registry of Persons (RENAPER) with biometric data such as fingerprints and digitized faces. The government plans to repurpose this database in order to facilitate “easyaccess” to law enforcement by merging this data into a new, security-focused integrated system. This raises the specter of mass surveillance, as Argentinean law enforcement will have access to mass repositories of citizen information and be able to leverage existing facial recognition and fingerprint matching technologies in order to identify any citizen anywhere.

– From the EFF’s must read article: Biometrics in Argentina: Mass Surveillance as a State Policy

The above passage was written in early 2012, but I had never taken the time to look into Argentina’s burgeoning and extremely creepy biometric database until now. It takes on increased importance to Americans now that Apple has rolled out its iPhone 5NsA.

Don’t worry though, Apple is a private company and they’d never work with the NSA or anything…

The video below is the promotional video of the Biometric ID Database in Argentina, and is an epic example of state propaganda.

Because the Argentine government has such a storied history of doing the right thing…In Liberty,

4 thoughts on “SIBIOS: Argentina’s Massive, Orwellian Biometric Database”

  1. Regarding the UK, I’m afraid your statement is not entirely true.

    In fact, what the UK Gov have deviously done is create a fully computerised benefit system, where you do not get a penny of pension, assistance, or income support, or unemployment/re-training benefit unless you are entered into the database, which is called GATEWAY.

    This is the thin end of the wedge, which, by incrementalisation, will, because of dire need caused by rampant inflation firstly be deemed an imposition, then grow to tolerable, then get accepted and finally become the ‘norm’……which will open the door for full biometrics.

    • @squodgy,

      I totally agree with you.

      And although the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( EFF) has done a lot of good I doubt that they have the insight into what is really going on here.

      Even if it would look like that the UK has reacted to great public outcry by dismantling the national ID scheme and shredding the National Identity Registry, TPTB are just waiting patiently for their next big chance to get their agenda through or try to get it through the back door until it is slowly accepted as new normal, as you’ve described.

      I am sure they have (not only) their paperwork ready for the next stage of the economic/financial crisis.

      And if the people are still uneducated & brainwashed they will accept whatever is presented as solution to the problems that the elitists have created in the first place.

      “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”
      -David Rockefeller

      Well, I know that you know all of this and are fully aware of what is really planned & plotted and why.

      Infinite Unknown


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