UN: ‘Fukushima Radiation Worse Than Feared’ – Government And Tepco ‘Ignore’ Effects Of Radioactive Iodine

“Fukushima radiation worse than feared” — Gov’t and Tepco ‘ignore’ effects of radioactive iodine (VIDEO) (ENENews, Oct 13, 2013):

NHK WORLD, Oct. 12, 2013: UN panel: radiation dose may be underestimated […] Investigators from the UN Scientific Committee of Atomic Radiation […] raised doubts about estimates by the Japanese government and [TEPCO] […] The UN committee found the Japanese government and TEPCO ignored the effects of radioactive iodine. […]

Reuters (via Al Jazeera), Oct. 13, 2013: UN: Fukushima radiation worse than feared […] the tests used on workers did not take into account some types of radiation. In particular, workers were tested for thyroid gland doses from radioactive iodine after a significant delay, through procedures that failed to account for iodine-132 and iodine-133, which have half-lives of two hours and 20 hours respectively. […] Increased radiation exposure has been linked to greater rates of cancer and thyroid disorders.

Asahi Shimbun, Oct. 12, 2013: The Japanese government may have underestimated by 20 percent the internal radiation doses in workers […] But the possible underestimates are just one problem […] many companies involved have failed to conduct medical examinations or file reports […] A government database on workers’ health conditions is still not running, making it impossible to check whether workers have suffered health problems. […] companies had failed to submit basic examination data on 4,297 workers, more than one-third of all the people who should be covered. […] Some companies are believed to have not even conducted the health examinations. A more serious problem is that experts cannot check all thyroid examination results. The database […] does not cover thyroid dose data, and only part of the thyroid examination results is included. […]

See also: Absorbed radiation dose of iodine-132 was 10 times higher than iodine-131 in Northern Japan after Fukushima meltdowns — Plus iodine-132 is 9 times more ‘effective’ at irradiating thyroid

Watch NHK’s broadcast here

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