With The US Being Two Days Away From No Longer Being Able To Issue New Debt President Obama Is Busy … Making Sandwiches

Meanwhile, The President Is Busy… (ZeroHedge, Oct 14, 2013):

The US is two days away from no longer being able to issue new debt, but at least Obama is busy… Making sandwiches.

Meeting The Volunteers

More Volunteers

Talking To The Volunteers

Speaking To Reporters

Trying To Hear Over The Noise

First, It’s Time To Put On Some Gloves

It’s Time To Make Some Sandwiches!

Bagging The Sandwiches

Not Bad

* * *

We will give the president this much: the apron is a nice addition to the rolled-up sleeves.

Source: HuffPo, Photo credit: AFP, Getty Images

2 thoughts on “With The US Being Two Days Away From No Longer Being Able To Issue New Debt President Obama Is Busy … Making Sandwiches”

  1. This is SO PATHETIC, and an excellent example of what a virtual reality system can do with the mindless. Everywhere I go, people are tied into their hand-held devices telling them what is true, what isn’t, what is news……and none of their news is news……it is obfuscation and outright propaganda. People who go to US media for news are clueless about what is really going on in the world, and in the US government.
    I go overseas for my news, US media is insulting to anyone with a mind. As a student of history who put special emphasis on the art and science of propaganda, I find it obscene. I cannot watch US media, 24/7 cable news that isn’t…..it is total junk.
    This is why people are not raising hell…..they are not told about the NSA scandal that continues to unfold around the world, or the meaningless wars the US continues to pursue…..they are not told.
    This story is one excellent example of obfuscation. This has no meaning, no value and ought not to be covered at all. But, rather than discuss anything real, they cover this junk endlessly. This is one reason Americans appear so apathetic……they are fed dumbing down junk.
    Great example.


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