Ex-SAS Sergeant: SAS ‘Assassinated Princess Diana’

SAS ‘Assassinated Princess Diana’ (Yahoo 7 News, Sep 16, 2013):

A former soldier told his wife Princess Diana was murdered by the SAS after they shone a light into her driver’s face, according to reports in the British media.

The ex-SAS sergeant, who is only referred to as Soldier N, is reported to have told his then-wife a former member of the elite squad was in charge of an assassination squad.

Princess Diana, Dodi Al Fayed and their driver Henri Paul were killed in the crash in 1997.

The extraordinary claim is reported to have happened after Soldier N had taken Prince William on an advanced driving course in 2008.

It is reported Soldier N’s ex-wife told Scotland Yard last month that her husband had revealed the secret after a conversation about the Prince’s driving course.

The couple are now separated but the conversation occurred while they were still together.

“We were talking about it and I was saying how lovely it was that Princes William and Harry were doing so well and that it was sad that their mum wasn’t here to see it,” the wife said according to a source, reports the Sunday Mirror.

“Then he said one of the guys was responsible for the accident, for the death of Diana. I was shocked. I believed what he said.

“He went on to tell me that it had to be done in a tunnel, that people had been monitoring them – a light was shone in the driver’s eyes.”

When pressed on details, her husband said that the SAS had been following Diana and Dodi Al Fayed on the night they were killed and a night was shone into the Paris tunnel before the car crashed.

He also intimated it was because the royal inner circle disapproved of Diana’s relationship with Fayed.

It is believed the revelations could have been the trigger for Scotland Yard’s reported decision to reopen the case 16 years after Diana’s death.

In separate reports, the Sunday Express claimed it has been revealed Princess Diana’s phone had been bugged and the investigation could unearth recordings of the crash.

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