Hollande Undeterred By UK Shock: ‘France Will Participate. It Is Ready’ For Syrian Attack

Is France also ready for ‘a Putin response’?

Hollande Undeterred By UK Shock: “France Will Participate. It Is Ready” For Syrian Attack (ZeroHedge, Aug 30, 2013):

The Germans “haven’t considered any military participation… and are still not doing so.” The Brits unexpectedly voted ‘not’ to join Obama in an attack on Syria , with Cameron adding that he didn’t think “it’s a question of having to aplogize” to Obama. But Obama can rest assured as the French remains undeterred. After France refused to join the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, but was quickly aided by the US in the military intervention against Islamist militants in Mali earlier this year, Hollande is vehement of the need to “punish” Damascus, “France will participate. It is ready.” Sounds like a resounding ‘we’re in,’ right? It seems Hollande is dead set on lower French unemployment… by making every jobless person a soldier in Syria (packing at least one backup white flag of surrender). But, don’t get too excited since, with lukewarm public support, Hollande has said he will summon the French parliament to vote on the debate… on September 4th (no rush…).

Via The FT,

France is prepared to take action against Syria despite the vote against military intervention by Britain, its closest European military ally, French president François Hollande has said.

“The chemical massacre in Damascus cannot remain unpunished. If not, it would risk an escalation that would trivialise the use of these weapons and would threaten other countries,” said Mr Hollande.

He said he did not favour a military operation to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad but a deterrent strike to punish “a monstrous violation of human rights”.

Asked in an interview with Le Monde newspaper if France would go ahead without British involvement, he replied: “Yes, each country is sovereign (in deciding) whether or not to participate in an operation. That applies to the UK and for France.”

“France will participate. It is ready. It will decide its position in close liaison with its allies.”

Mr Hollande has summoned the French parliament to debate Syria on September 4. Although the French president does not require a parliamentary vote to take military action, he will be anxious to achieve as strong a political consensus as possible.

Opinion polls in France have shown lukewarm public support for a strike on Syria

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  1. I think it is a terrible idea. It is a civil war, and other nations ought to stay out. Obama has no business involving this war weary nation into another corporate enriching war in the Middle East. He has turned out to be bush three……or worse.


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