WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony – ‘Complete Bullshit’


WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony – “Complete Bullsh-t” (The ULSTERMAN Report, Jan 23, 2013):

After repeated requests for feedback, a former longtime D.C. political operative gives this rather brief and too the point assessment of Hillary Clinton’s testimony today before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee regarding the Benghazi Massacre that led to the deaths of four Americans, including the first U.S. Ambassador to be killed in the line of duty in over 30 years.

“And they’re working it up to keep it going after ’16.  A longer term shakedown.  Breaking the whole country right over the wheel.  Community organizing on a global scale.”   -White House Insider


WHI: What I think about Hillary’s show this morning?  All bullsh-t.  Every single second of it.  Want to know something the media isn’t telling you?  That neither the Republicans, the White House, or Hillary’s people are telling you?

EVERY F-CKING QUESTION WAS AGREED TO BEFOREHAND.  Hillary had notes for every question. Watch her look down every time a question is asked.  She sucks at hiding it. That’s the tell.  They negotiated the terms of the questioning weeks ago.  She was prepared.  There is no real investigation by the Senate.  There is no real search for justice here.  None. Zero. Zip. Nada.  Complete bullsh-t.

Normally there’s agreements between staff prior to this kind of thing, but this time the Hillary camp and the Obama White House locked down the questions.  Hillary wanted to protect her ass, and the White House sure as hell was looking to protect their boy.  And this was all agreed to at least two weeks ago. Probably longer.

These Senate Republican f*ckers left me hanging before the election.  They can all go to hell.  Every last one of them.

Will the House go after Hillary any different?  Don’t count on it.

And she thinks she has a shot at 2016?  We’ll see about that.  Some of us skeletons still remember how to open the closet door.

Keep touching base with (RI).  He’s doing good work up there.  Pissing people off which is what needs to happen.  He’s got the energy I just don’t have for this stuff anymore.  I can’t stand being around those people.  Lying sick f-cks every last one of them. Republicans. Democrats.  All the same now.  At least in my eyes.  You might see it different but I’m seeing 20-20 for the first time in a long time.

I just can’t even watch this sh-t anymore.  Makes me want to go outside and kick the dog.  You need to step away from all this from time to time too.  It’s going to use you up and you’ll end up with a face like mine.  Nobody deserves that.

If people still care enough in this country about what is happening it’s going to be up to all of them to set things right again.  Don’t count on Republicans.  Sure as hell don’t count on any of these Democrats.  Sure as hell don’t count on used up old f-cks like me.   Start local and work out from there.  That takes real work.  Hard work and that’s what they are counting on.  Most people are way too lazy and uninformed to handle that.  So in the end, not a damn thing changes.  Same old corruption but taken to a whole other level.  And they’re working it up to keep it going after ’16.  A longer term shakedown.  Breaking the whole country right over the wheel.  Community organizing on a global scale.  The next few years will be all about setting that platform up and people who were willing to fight them a couple years ago are now just shrugging and saying there’s nothing to be done about it.

God I hate this White House.


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