Tokyo Almost As Irradiated As Fukushima – West Coast of America Slammed With Radiation

Tokyo Almost As Irradiated As Fukushima (Washington’s Blog, Dec 27, 2012):

Tepco – and West Coast of America – Slammed with Radiation

We’ve documented the spread of radiation from Fukushima to Tokyo for a year and a half.  See this, this, this, this, this and this. Unfortunately, as the following recent headlines from Ene News show, things are only getting worse:

  • Tokyo getting 5 times more radioactive fallout than prefectures closer to Fukushima

And we’ve previously noted that the radiation will spread worldwide (by water and air). For example:

A new study says that the West Coast will get slammed with radioactive cesium starting in 2015

3 thoughts on “Tokyo Almost As Irradiated As Fukushima – West Coast of America Slammed With Radiation”

  1. We are already being slammed, we don’t have to wait two years. Japan, by burning the radioactive waste and sending it into the air twice ought to be tried for genocide. They are killing us. The media sits by mutely and does nothing.
    Thanks for covering a subject world governments want to ignore. I lived in a coastal rain forest for 12 years, finally had to move a year ago. Pine and oak trees are dying like crazy. Thanks to your website, I was able to tell people to bathe their animals’ feet, etc. after taking them out into the rain. Our own govenment solved the problem by shutting down the radiation monitors back in 2010…..insane.


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