1 thought on “Oliver Stone Corrects American History (Video)”

  1. —-BEWARE Oliver Stone!

    His ‘new’ —-‘RA’—dick—-ALL’ take on history is a CON.
    He begins the whole thing about 50 years to late. The
    Wallace angle’s already been worked. And further,
    Stone brings NOTHING new to the table —not even some
    fresh, unseen footage.

    Remember, he –apparently– deliberately flubbed BOTH
    his ‘W’ and 9/11 flicks, continues to deliver his decades STALE
    celebrations of doper ‘decadence’ and demoralization —and
    retreads. He’s now even delivered a full-blown celebration of
    capstone empire with ‘Alexander’.

    He’s also been —UTTERLY SILENT— on the 4 decades ON
    betrayal of the ENTIRE American economy to –RED– China
    and nothing whatever to call out the horrific labor practices
    of the Rockefeller EUGENICS ‘paradise’.

    And also, like the rest of franchise slum Hollywood, he’s BALKED
    the 200th Annviersary of the Defeat of Napoleonic Globalism
    —-the 100th Anniversary of the Jeckyl Island coup
    —the 40th Anniversary of the Rockefeller-Nixon –MAO handover summit
    —–and the 20th –30th –40th —–50th —and NOW 60th Anniversary
    of the RED China, Globalism, mind control, EUGENICS and GENOCIDE

    ————————————–KOREAN WAR—————————————

    Look in ANY direction at what’s unfolding.

    BEWARE Oliver ‘CAP—-Stone’. . .


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