WHO: Fukushima Workers Had Over 10 SIEVERTS Thyroid Dose


U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Alan Thompson Reported 1,500 MICROSIEVERTS Per Hour Thyroid Dose South Of Tokyo On March 20, 2011

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‘Many People From Even Tokyo Have Thyroid Problems Already’

Fukushima: More Then 42% of Children Have Thyroid Nodules Or Cysts (German TV Video, Nov 18, 2012):

More than 42% of 57,000 tested children have nodules or cyst, reports Dr. Suzuki who leads the examinations. In Chernobyl they found only 0.1 – 1%.

WHO: Fukushima workers had radiation dose over 10 sieverts in their thyroids (ENENews, Dec 1, 2012):

(Subscription Only) Title: High thyroid radiation doses in 178 Fukushima workers
Source: AJW by The Asahi Shimbun
Date: December 01, 2012

High thyroid radiation doses in 178 Fukushima workers

[…] A forthcoming WHO report, which cites the data, says two workers had an exposure of more than 10,000 millisieverts, a level widely considered to be a lethal dose when received as full-body exposure. However, a dose of this level received in the thyroid gland alone can have an impact limited to that organ and may not cause acute symptoms. […]

TEPCO has not published its thyroid test results directly. The company justifies this by noting that it publishes other test results instead.

[…] it has also not released individual thyroid results to many of the workers employed as contractors at the disaster site. […]

“There is a possibility that the thyroid gland radiation dose is 100 millisieverts even if the whole-body dose is only 5 millisieverts,” said Saburo Murata, deputy director of Hannan Chuo Hospital. […]

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