Paedophile Beast Jimmy Savile Advised His Friend Prince Charles Over The Appointment Of A Royal Aide

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Advisor: Prince Charles with Jimmy Saville and deputy Lord lieutenant, Ian Thornber, share a joke after the prince arrived in Glencoe for a visit

Savile advised Prince Charles over the appointment of a royal aide (Daily Mail, Nov 5, 2012):

Prince Charles asked Jimmy Savile for advice over the appointment of a senior aide for him and Princess Diana, it was claimed yesterday.

Charles and the former DJ are said to have met with former major-general Sir Christopher Airy before he was offered the post of the royal couple’s private secretary and treasurer in 1990.

It was also claimed that they were so close that Charles treated Savile like the ‘fool in Shakespeare’s King Lear’, allowing him to tell him things that others courtiers could not say to his face.

The pair became friends after meeting in the late 1970s while working with wheelchair sports charities and Charles later came to rely on him in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Former royal press secretary Dickie Arbiter: He says Savile had an informal role with the Prince

Former palace aides said he would drop in to see Charles when it suited him.

Dickie Arbiter, the former press secretary to the Queen, described how Savile would kiss female staff at the palace on the hand before rubbing his lips all the way up their arms if they were wearing short-sleeved shirts.

He told the Sunday Times: ‘Savile was brought in by an aide as a sort of ‘Jim’ll fix it’ to fix the state of the marriage, but of course it didn’t work.

‘His role was informal, ad hoc. He would just roll in and roll out again. I thought he was a pretty ghastly man.’

Another source, who asked not to be named, said: ‘Savile was in and out of the palace at that time pretty frequently.

‘His bling and his tracksuits made him rather unconventional and I think that was appealing to Prince Charles.

‘Like the fool in King Lear, he was allowed to say things to Prince Charles that other courtiers weren’t.’

In 1999 Charles accepted an invitation to dinner at Savile’s home in Glencoe.

When Savile died last year, Charles led the tributes to him, saying his death had left him ‘incredibly saddened’.

Savile is now believed to have been a predatory paedophile who abused as many as 300 child victims.

Asked about Savile’s role in his appointment, Sir Christopher told the Sunday Times: ‘I don’t think it is my place to comment.’

St James’s Palace said there was ‘no record’ of Savile being present at any of Sir Christopher’s interviews.

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