Veterans Today’s 30 Day Old Story On Benghazi Had It Right

VT’s 30 Day Old Story on Benghazi Had it Right (Veterans Today, Oct 22, 2012)

See also:

Benghazi Consulate Was Tasked With Training Islamist Militia Members (FRONTPAGEMAG)

Change: Benghazi, Take Two (The Daily Beast)

Former CIA Commander Says US ‘Too Slow’ To Act As Predator Drone Cam Captured Benghazi Attack: ‘They Stood, And They Watched, And Our People Died’ (New York Post)

Bombshell: State Department Withdrew 16 Member Security Special Forces Team From Libya Before Attack (Video)

On The ‘Precision’ Consulate Attack: As Many As 15 Separate Teams Involved (Incl. At Least 50 Highly Trained Special Forces For The Assault) – Secure Communications Hacked With Unavailable Advanced Technology (Veterans Today)

Embassy Killings In Libya, The Stench Of CIA/Mossad ‘False Flag (Veterans Today)


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