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  1. Interesting article. I have been working on a paper on the subject of the Obesity Epidemic that is cratering this nation. Obscenely fat people used to be very rare, and it is now, as the author pointed out, becoming the norm. Less than 3% of fruit and vegetables are grown on our massive faming lands, over 50% consist of corn, wheat, and soy. Reason is profit. Look at our diets, look at what is sold people in schools, on TV, shopping malls, everywhere….all junk food.
    I am advanced in years, and when I was growing up, there were very few overweight or fat children….now they are everywhere. Same with adults. Children don’t play outside any longer, they sit in front of tvs and video games, we have become a nation of slackers. This is reflected in the way our people look, dress, eat, perform in school……we have lost our frontline standing academically, we are on the way down.
    Add in the corrupt government, lack of standards for our children (PE is no longer mandatory in our public schools), sliding economic system, and we face a future of hurt. I am glad I won’t be here to see much more of it because I see little hope. Our leaders serve private interests, not our’s, and we have the option of one of two corporate candidates for president. Neither one knows or cares about the people or what this nation needs. The people have gotten lazy, they think voting once every couple of years is democracy….it isn’t. We lost our voices after bush took power in 2000 and the Patriot Act was passed. Since then, we have had NDAA, HR347, and other draconian laws that essentially ended all our constitutional rights for all time.
    How many people know this? Maybe 30%?
    We are a nation in decline, and it is happening very rapidly.
    Thanks for an interesting article.


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