Israeli Rabbis Greet Iran’s President Ahmadinejahd In NYC On Yom Kippur (Veterans Today – Video)


Israeli Rabbis Greet Iran’s President Ahmadinejahd in NYC on Yom Kippur (Veterans Today, Sep 28, 2012):

In a video you won’t see on CNN or ABC, Israeli Sephardic Rabbis Greeted Ahmadinejahd in New York City on Yom Kippur.

Iran’s President was visibly moved by the emotional prayers for peace and friendship spoken by the Israeli Rabbis.  The Sephardic Rabbis praised Iran’s leaders for 1,000 years of peaceful relations with 50,000 Jewish families in Tehran.

This extraordinary event might account for Ahmedinejahd’s  subdued criticism of Israel in his speech on the floor of the United Nations later that day. Major media have observed that Iran’s President only briefly mentioned Israel once.  Nobody asked why he might have softened his tone.

Let’s make this video go viral, people! There’s great hope for peace, if we can follow these Rabbis’ superb example and treat each other with respect.

Message sent to me with youtube link. If after watching this you do not begin to understand how people are being deceived then you are in a coma.   And we all deserve to suffer the consequences of our ignorance.
For all the evangelical fanatics out there, who think the conflict in the middle east is a holy war against Islam, consider the fact that for thousands of years,  Iran has had a flourishing jewish community.  This community is protected by law under the Iranian Constitutiion.   Iran currently has the largest Jewish population in the middle east outside of the state of Israel.

Note that the Rabbis in this film clip are Orthodox Jews and are probably of Sephardic extraction.

Listen carefully.  The spokesman constantly refers to “True Torah” Jews.

Thus he distinguishes himself, AND THUS DISTANCES HIMSELF,  from the Zionist/Ashkenazi/ Khazar “Talmudic Jews” that currently control Israel.

Until one understands the differences between these “two tribes” (real jews as opposed to the imposters who came from central Asia) you will never understand what is driving the State of Israel and the criminal organization that controls it.

The comments below are from a friend in Europe.  Sadly, the Europeans understand very well these distinctions.  Americans, on the other hand, are too preoccupied with the latest NFL game or other such  nonsense on the stuporvision.

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