Dr. Michael Nobel: 1 In 20 Fukushima Children At Risk Of Developing Thyroid Cancer (Video)

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“Scary”: 1 in 20 children around Fukushima risks developing thyroid cancer from radiation contamination (VIDEO) (ENENews, Sep 3, 2012):

Interview with Dr. Michael Nobel
Published on Sep 2, 2012
Uploaded by Koni Scavella


After all his success, Dr. [Michael] Nobel now focuses his scientific research on the radiation effects on the victims of the Fukushima disaster, where the radioactive contamination is widespread even today almost a year after the earthquake.


Nobel: The scary figure is that we believe that 1 child out of 20 around the Fukushima area might run the risk of developing thyroid cancer from radiation contamination.

1 out of 20.


Wikipedia: […] a co-founder and former Chairman of the Nobel Charitable Trust, and most commonly known for his part in developing the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). […] Dr. Nobel is a consultant on energy issues and gives regular keynote lectures on the subject. He serves as a guest professor at the Solutions Science Research Laboratory at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, University of Japan, one of the world’s foremost institutions in its field. […]

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