Police Quiz Veteran Over ‘Obama F*k Off’ Message Painted In Large Letters On His Truck


Police quiz veteran, 55, over ‘Obama F*k Off’ message painted in large letters on his truck – but he insists it means Fundamentally Useless Kenyan (Daily Mail, Aug 28, 2012):

The extreme methods used by a U.S. Army veteran to convey his political views have been called into question after he painted the words ‘Obama Fuk Off’ on the side of his truck.

Dennis Paul Hamm, 55, of Union Grove, Wisconsin, was quizzed by police after complaints called his message unsuitable ‘for kids in the area’, according to the Racine County Sheriff’s report.

But the unapologetic conservative insisted that rather than misspell the expletive without the ‘c’, the letters were intended as an acronym for ‘Fundamentally Useless Kenyan’, referring to the belief held by many far right-wingers, that the President is not in fact American.

Hamm’s anti-Obama slogan was reported to authorities last week but when deputies caught up with him, the staunch Republican showed little interest in others’ reactions.

According to his Facebook profile, Hamm, whose nickname is ‘Wild Boar’, is a fan of Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Fox News.

His pop culture preferences are Journey, Electric Light Orchestra and Guns and Ammo magazine.

Confusingly, he claims to have finished Waterford Union High School in 1975 but served in the Army between 1973 and 1976. And while he seems to enjoy the anti-establishment approach to life, touting ‘No class, just raised hell’ as his graduating class, the following bullet point on his ‘About’ page, inexplicably says ‘brain surgery’.

It is not known whether this refers to an injury in service or any mental imbalance but he goes on to describe himself as: ‘Still fighting for the freedoms I served to protect. Carry a weapon as a means to convince those who have a distorted view of “Free Enterprise” that things must be earned, not taken.’

Hamm’s powerfully simple and controversial sign has sparked a debate among commenters of The Smoking Gun where the incident was first reported.

While many admire Hamm’s shamelessly public political message, others see their support as blatantly hypocritical.

One reader writes: ‘Leave the guy alone!!! Last time I checked, we still possess freedom of speech. Kudos to him for having the balls to express and say what he is feeling.’

Another posts: ‘Oooooh, so now it’s all about freedom of speech? When a rapper curses around your bastard kids, it’s “profane, hate-filled, vitriolic speech” but when Dennis Redneck Hamm does it, it’s all about ‘freedom of speech’? Go to hell, crackers! I think I’ll paint that on MY car, see how many of u idiots support that!’

What kind of trouble Hamm may find himself in is yet to be decided at the Union Grove attorney’s office.

Wisconsin voted Democrat in 2008 and in this year’s election, predictions are still unsure as interactive maps show the state is up for grabs.

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