Thirty Pieces of Silver – The Ron Paul Betrayal

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Thirty Pieces of Silver – The Ron Paul Betrayal (Farm Wars, june 11, 2012):

I awoke several days ago to a devastating punch in the gut. I was overcome by feelings of abandonment and betrayal just like the feelings that a husband would experience when he realizes that his wife has been unfaithful and his best friend is his wife’s new lover. I am experiencing anger, depression and a sense of profound discouragement as I feel compelled to write these words.

Ron Paul has done more to wake up millions of former bankster serving sheeple in this country to the tyranny that is the New World Order than anyone else. He has helped to expose the criminal Federal Reserve and the general and pervasive “sell out” of Americans and our sovereign interests by the bankster minions (i.e. Obama and Romney). As a result, millions of Americans put their faith in this country doctor who has had one of the best voting records in the history of the House of Representatives. I will be eternally grateful to Ron Paul for his tireless support and defense of freedom.

Ever since my days of doing local talk radio in Wickenburg, Arizona, I have supported Ron Paul and have attempted to raise money on his behalf.  However, in the past few months, I am certain that many of the listeners of The Common Sense Show have noticed that I have been dead silent on the subject of the Ron Paul Campaign. I was silent for some very salient reasons as I was beginning to have some grave concerns over the intestinal fortitude and direction of the Ron Paul Campaign.

In the past several weeks, I have been approached several times and repeatedly asked to become a Ron Paul delegate. I steadfastly refused as I used the convenient excuse of not having the time. In reality, I do have the time to help save my country from the bankster tyranny that has overtaken our Republic. I just don’t have the time to waste my time jumping on board a sinking ship that has become the Ron Paul Campaign. Are you listening to me Ron Paul leaders?  There are valid reasons why I said no and then subsequently ignored  repeated emails and voicemails designed to recruit me to this cause. I simply wanted to remain silent as I continued to evaluate the disturbing direction that the Ron Paul Campaign was headed.

In the early days of the Paul Campaign, I publicly criticized the establishment media as they orchestrated a wholesale media blackout related to Ron Paul’s campaign.  Yet, Dr. Paul seemingly tolerated receiving 30 seconds of air time in a five member debate, in a 30 minute period, on national television. At the next media event, Ron Paul should have said something like “Well, I am glad I am getting my obligatory 30 seconds and the networks should be ashamed for censoring my message that millions of Americans want to hear. “  Unfortunately, these words of indignation were never spoken by the leadership of the Paul Campaign, or by Ron Paul, himself. It was at this crucial juncture that I first experienced misgivings about the direction of the Paul Campaign.

There has also been massive voter fraud committed against the Ron Paul Campaign in the Republican Primary elections. Even the New York Times admitted that the Republican Primaries in Iowa and Maine were stolen away from Ron Paul. Ron Paul was undoubtedly winning the Republican Primary in the early days.  However, as the nomination continued to be stolen, and the will of the people was being usurped, Ron Paul remained silent to this grand theft of the nomination process. Even in Louisiana, as Ron Paul was winning, the Louisiana Republican leadership, controlled by Mitt Romney minions, stole the Paul delegates and gave them to Romney and then proceeded to beat up and evict the Ron Paul delegates when they protested. Meanwhile, Ron Paul chastised the dissenters and admonished his followers to be polite.

Anyone who donated money to the Ron Paul Campaign should be justifiably upset. The election process, in which many of us invested our hard earned money to support Dr. Paul, was stolen from us and there was not so much as a whimper from Ron Paul. Why did Ron Paul seemingly sabotage his own campaign by not forcefully speaking out about the ongoing election fraud and the bankster control of media election coverage? Does anyone else hearken back to the Ross Perot 1992 Presidential candidacy as he held a huge lead before sabotaging his own campaign over some nonsense about the Republicans sabotaging his daughter’s wedding? As Mark Twain said, history may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme.

I have been beside myself as primary election after primary election, the banksters, who control both political parties, continued their election fraud and the bankster controlled media continued to ignore the Ron Paul message. Meanwhile, the Arizona Ron Paul delegation approached me, again, to please become a delegate in the campaign. This time, I shared my reservations about the apparent lack of a backbone by campaign officials and by Ron Paul himself, to fight back against the criminal actions of the Republican Party leadership. I was told by a party official that Ron Paul delegates were going to seek and achieve a brokered convention and the subsequently freed up delegates would support Ron Paul and he would win the nomination. Just at the time I was going to once again capitulate and donate my time and efforts to the Ron Paul Campaign, Rand Paul sold his political soul to el Diablo, Mitt Romney, as he threw his support behind the Romney Campaign. I am still grieving this betrayal of Ron Paul supporters.

Rand Paul now supports carbon taxes advocate, Mitt Romney.

Rand Paul now supports Universal Health Care author, Mitt Romney.

Rand Paul now supports amnesty proponent, Mitt Romney.

Rand Paul now supports more bankster bailouts and more wars of corporate conquest supporter, Mitt Romney.

Rand Paul now supports more Federal Reserve Board criminality advocate,  Mitt Romney, and not one word of disagreement from Ron Paul.  Blood is indeed thicker than water and apparently, thicker than patriotism as well. And now, in a juxtaposition, the sins of the son are being visited upon the father as Ron Paul tells his delegates to be polite at the Republican Convention, in Tampa, while America continues to sink into the deep abyss of a tyrannical police state that is robbing us blind.

What have Ron and Rand Paul been promised? What will thirty pieces of silver buy today?  A cabinet post? A surprise VP position for Rand? Well, I am not for sale and I will never support Mitt Romney or any other bankster minion. How many of you, like myself, feel like a pallbearer of a once noble campaign?

There is presently an unlimited supply of political capital that has now been left floundering after Rand Paul announced the capitulation of the Ron Paul Campaign to the globalist minion, Mitt Romney.  I don’t drink from the Ron Paul Kool-Aid. I do not worship Ron Paul. I honor the message of freedom and that is the only reason I supported Dr. Paul because of his expressed love of freedom and his seemingly undying support for the Constitution. My personal journey on behalf of truth and freedom, with or without Rand and Ron Paul, will continue on, regardless of who the Paul’s support for the Republican nomination.

Despite my sense of betrayal, Dr. Paul has still done all freedom loving Americans an enormous favor through his service and dedication to the ideals of freedom. Ron Paul has awakened millions of our brethren to the corporate controlled police state that we are now all living under. As a result, we now have millions of pissed off Americans who have finally come to realize that their financial futures and their children’s heritage has been stolen by the criminal elite.

It is up to all us to find a new home to grow the message of freedom and to complete the job that the Ron Paul movement started. If we allow the millions of Americans who now realize that we have been conquered by criminal banksters, to dissipate, we will never have another chance to reclaim what we have lost.

If you want to live in the past, continue to support the Ron Paul Campaign and watch as your monetary donations will absolutely slip down the rabbit hole and end up in Mitt Romney’s coffers. Do not contribute to your own demise as we will undoubtedly witness the November election consisting of Obama vs. Obama 2.0 as the 2012 election will consist of New World Order sock puppet and teleprompter reader, Barak Obama vs. New World Order sock puppet and teleprompter reader, Mitt Romney. This is now unavoidable, the 2012 Presidential election is lost, but our new found political power is not lost unless we choose to consciously forfeit it.  In 2012, we don’t have a legitimate presidential candidate to vote for, but freedom loving Americans have a choice on how we respond to our rigged elections, our corporate controlled media and the subsequent tyranny that the globalists are in the midst of implementing.

Freedom loving Americans now have tremendous political capital and please remember that nature abhors a vacuum. A new candidate and a new movement, reflective of our collective values, will emerge. Thanks to the Ron Paul movement, we have made great progress, but don’t make the mistake of living in the past. Rand Paul now openly supports Bain Capital’s, Mitt Romney and the Ron Paul Campaign is dead in the water.  However, the new found spirit of our freedom movement is not dead and I will never capitulate to tyranny, nor should you.

Dave Hodges

4 thoughts on “Thirty Pieces of Silver – The Ron Paul Betrayal”

  1. Amen….you could not have said it better…and I know Ron and Carol personally……talk about a gut-wrenching betrayal…..who do we trust now but ourselves?

  2. Its about damn time that something like has happened.. It was only a matter of time before the true colors of those who CLAIM to be ALL FOR the RED WHITE AND BLUE come out in wash.. So you have it my brothers and sisters.. NOT ONE “EFFING” POLITICIAN CAN OR SHOULD BE TRUSTED! EVER!!

    Now that most of you see that the system is broken and never to be fixed unless we the people turn the entire place upside down and inside out to rid the infrastructure of all of its corruption.. You say nay that it cannot be done.. I say OH HELL YES IT CAN.. REVOLUTION GETS RESOLUTION!!!
    NO? IT DID 235 years ago!! WHY NOT NOW?? Too afraid? Not worth it? Or how about to damned complacent and you need to be taken care of by BIG BROTHER.. No wait, Im sorry.. BIG MOTHER!! Thats exactly what this country has become.. not independent.. DEPENDENT on the TEATS of the GOVERNMENT!!

    It’s just like when kittens,puppies or lambs are wanting to eat.. they push and knead on mama’s teats to get milk.. Well that is exactly what the American people have become… DEPENDENT LITTLE SUCCLINGS waiting for MAMA to FEED THEM!..



    TAKE IT BACK!! Dont just sit there and wait for it..

  3. It is easy to pass judgement. Knowing the facts–that’s hard. Do you believe that Ron Paul and his family have not been threatened?


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