Rand Paul Confronted On Bilderberg: ‘No Comment’ (Video)

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Rand Paul: ‘No Comment’ on John Kerry’s Bilderberg Attendance (Intel Hub, June 11, 2012):

The Bilderberg meeting has been shrouded in secrecy for years. However, it is a known fact that some attendees are committing a crime.

For example: Governor Mitch Daniels or Senator John Kerry’s attendance would be in violation of the Logan Act, a punishable crime.

Wikipedia defines the Logan Act as;

The Logan Act is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. It was passed in 1799 and last amended in 1994. Violation of the Logan Act is a felony, punishable under federal law with imprisonment of up to three years.

Recently Senator Rand Paul was asked a series of questions, the last one being about John Kerry’s Bilderberg attendance.

His answer might shock you.

YouTube Added: 10.06.2012

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