EPA Uses Military Drones To Spy On Midwest Farmers Livestock Activity

EPA Drones Now Spying On Midwest Farmers Livestock Activity (Alexandr Higgins, June 3, 2012):

Congress has launched an inquiry into the EPA’s use of drones to monitor the livestock activities of farmers in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

In the latest escalation of the government’s all out assault on freedom and liberty in America farmers have become the latest target Uncle Sam’s multibillion dollar spy-machine.

The EPA is now using the same drones the military uses to track and assassinate people overseas to spy on the livestock activities of farmers throughout the Section 7 area of the midwest United States which includes Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and  Missouri.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is demanding answers about privacy and other concerns from EPA Director Lisa Jackson who defends the practice as cost-effective.

American citizens should not only be demanding answers but should also be demanding an immediate stop to the use of drones to spy on Americans far outside of the realm of protecting us us from terrorists which was the deception used to trick us into accepting their use in the first place.

Instead, we see the drones being armed with lethal and less than lethal weapons as the law-abiding U.S. citizens going about their daily activities becomes the drones new targets.

Farmers are now being spied on by EPA drones, but where does it stop?

In terms of cost effectiveness, you could eliminate 2/3rds of the police and other enforcement officers across the nation and use that money to assign a drone to every man, woman and child in America.

Will zoning enforcement officers now start using drones to monitor construction workers as they build houses? Will spy drones be used to send you a ticket for spilling a few drops of gas when fueling your car? Will spy drones soon track and follow every single person as they leave their house and drive to work? Will pedestrians being ticketed for J-Walking? Will we start getting tasered and ticketed because a piece of paper flies out of our window or falls out of our shopping bags? Will we start getting tickets for running stop signs every time we don’t come to a complete stop and wait a full three seconds before proceeding?  Traffic tickets for accidentally go a couple of miles over the speed limit? Making a lane change when no one else is around before signalling for 100 feet in advance?

EPA Using Spy Drones to Fly Over Midwestern Farms

What is the EPA doing with spy planes? And why are they flying them over farmland in the midwest?

A bipartisan group of Capitol Hill lawmakers is pressing EPA Director Lisa Jackson to answer questions about privacy issues and other concerns after the agency used aerial surveillance to monitor livestock operations over their home state of Nebraska.

The letter asks nearly two-dozen questions including why the inspections are being conducted, how many flights have occurred and whether they have resulted in any enforcement activities.

“Nebraskans are rightfully skeptical of an agency which continues to unilaterally insert itself into the affairs of rural America,” Smith added.

The Environmental Protection Agency uses aerial surveillance across a swath of the Midwest know as Section 7 – which  includes Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and  Missouri — and has defended the practice as cost-efficient.

Cost isn’t the issue, as the EPA surely knows. What they’re doing using spy planes over the US, for what purpose, and what are they doing with the information they’re gathering — that’s the issue.

While I am an environment activist myself I will be the first one to stand up and say whoever authorized this needs to be flat-out tar and feathered because this is wrong for so reasons.

First of all, Uncle Sam is violating the trust of the American people who have consented in silence to the use of these spy drones in U.S. skies to keep them safe from terrorist attacks.

Clearly this is a blatant invasion of privacy and while US law allows the government to monitor individuals without warrant in public places the law needs to be clarified to stipulate at least having probable cause to do so.

We now live in a day an age where technology literally allows the government track everyone’ activities everywhere they go.

With the advent of silent miniaturized bug sized drones they can spy on you from outside your house through your windows, which is considered in public view and subject to monitoring without a warrant.

In regards to the farmer’s being spied on what enrages me most are the EPA’s ill motives behind such monitoring.

There are many corporations that continue to destroy our environment and poison the air, water, and food supply  that the EPA should be monitoring but instead they choose to attack and monitor the livestock activities of small rural farmers.

Make no mistake, they are attacking these farmers to protect the interests behind America’s industrial food system that continues to manufacture junk foods loaded with poisons that 30 years ago wouldn’t even be recognized as food.

How many of these farmers are going to want to continue their professions knowing that they will have these government drones watching them for no reason at all?

Data collected from these drones will undoubtedly be feed to the Department of Homeland Security and fed to computer algorithms that will flag potential ‘terrorist’ activity.

Who would want to put themselves in such a situation when instead they can work a different job that doesn’t have such risks?

Is the EPA doing this to scare farmers out of the business?

Farming is a dying industry own its own.

Organic fresh foods are constantly being attacked by government regulators and even without that pressure the genetically modified crops from the likes of Monsanto grow faster with bigger yields further threatening the America farmer.

At the same time these industrialized crops that have been modified to produce their own pesticides which makes its way in to our bodies and our water supplies.

Even livestock is being replaced with cloned and genetically modified versions.

Even worse is the EPA is focusing their time and energy on these farmers while corporations pump and dump toxic chemicals in our water supplies, on our land and into our air.

We continually see major bodies of waters such as the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes becoming over polluted  mercury and other toxins.

The list goes on and on while we see the EPA turning a blind eye to the widespread toxification of America by these industrial size mega-corporations and instead devote their time and energy to cracking down little guys like these farmers.

Our founding fathers warned repeatedly that only an overbearing government seeking to push totalitarian control would attempt to force the fallacy that people need to forfeit liberty in the name of security.

To prevent any such attempt the inalienable rights of all humankind were forever scribed into the U.S. constitution. forever be treated as nothing more than fabricated falsehood and to prevent our government from every making such attempts

In the wake of 9/11 we have seen this falsehood used time and time again to deceive the people into forfeiting their civil liberties as the concrete foundation of our constitution is slowly eroded into sand and our rights become nothing more than dust in the wind.

We have seen such forfeitures of our liberties turn into a vast array of programs under which the government has seized nearly unchecked power to perform search and seizure of persons and their property without warrants or judicial oversight in direct violation of the fourth amendment of the U.S constitution .

The list of such programs such nefarious programs include – but are not limited to warrantless wiretapping, widespread monitoring of Muslims, nationwide monitoring of the Occupy movement, the planting GPS trackers on the vehicles of environmental and anti-war activists.

Congress is currently pushing through cybersecurity legislation to track every person’s every digital communication.

The Department of homeland security monitors online activities on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and datamines the words people use to flag them as terrorist suspects.

This escalation of government invasion of citizens privacy is now being augmented with use of computer controlled airplanes equipped with high-tech spying equipment and weapons of both the lethal and less than lethal.

On the ground tens of thousands of sensors are being deployed nationwide which will feed live data of people’s movement on the ground to big brother’s surveillance dragnet.

Still, many have been convinced by the multitude of government stenographers in the corporate news media that these are all necessary means to protect us safe from those who are secretly planning to attack us.

In reality it is nothing more than a campaign of deception being used to morph American into massive micro-managed police state in which no citizens will be safe from government harassment.

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