Bilderberg 2012: Man Arrested For Just Walking 2 Steps In The Street (Video)

Bilderberg 2012 Arrest: For The Record… (Intel Hub, June 3, 2012):

Many people have cast doubt among the mainstream and alternative medias account that a man was arrested for just walking in the street about two steps from the sidewalk.

However in this video it is clear that is exactly what happened. The gentlemen in the video is a step or so off of the sidewalk then takes no more than 8 steps to go around Rob Jacobson of Infowars who was covering the protest.

As seen in the video I was actually walking away from the main protest led by Alex Jones to check on equipment. However I immediately turned my focus on the officers encompassing the area with a “Civil Disturbance Unit” as they approached the area to set up a perimeter.

This is clearly demonstrated before the incident as a police car shuts off a lane of traffic, and after as the police arrest the first infraction and take formation in order to attempt to intimidate the crowd.

This unfortunatley demonstrates how the system works when you attempt to exert your right to free speech against true power. Yet I find hope amongst our Police among these actions intended to produce fear of standing up, speaking out, and taking action.

For the record it is not working.

The following footage of the arrest was caught on camera by Jason (the Infowarrior) Bermas at the 2012 Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly Virginia on Friday.


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