The Chernobyl Cover-Up (Studies)

Commentary from reader ‘Marushka, France’ in regards to this post:

Prof. Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University On The UGLY TRUTH About The Nuclear Disasters Of Chernobyl And Fukushima (Video)


profoundly important video that I have referred to again and again; continue to refer people to. Thank you so much! Excellent information.

Further studies for reference:

Busby quotes Bandashevski – who was imprisoned for protecting children and speaking out the truth. Here is his study (he lost much of his work, as some other guy took over his position in Belarus, and he fled Belarus): Cesium directly harms the hearts of our children: MODIFICATIONS IN CARDIAC-VASCULAR SYSTEM OF CHILDREN, LIVING IN CONTAMINATED WITH RADIOISOTOPES:

500 Bequerel per Kilogram – japanese limit amounts to murder. Why: we can rightly consider the Cesium-137 in relatively small doses (20-30 Bq/kg); a breach of the regulatory processes in the body: PAGE 2 – 3:

Death Rates among 15-19 year old, especially of cardiovascular disease

** ECRR = European Committee on Radiation Risk
Dr. Chris Busby, Scientific Secretary wrote Introduction.
book, 2006, was co-edited with Dr. Alexey Yablokov
“ECRR Chernobyl: 20 Years On”
the book!!

** “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment”
Alexey Yablokov, Vasily Nesterenko and Alexey Nesterenko
Contributing Editor, Janette Sherman
NY Academy of Sciences, Volume 1181, 2009.
5,000 Slavic language studies reviews, over 1,400 cited.
Yablokov authorized pdf; print Call 734-453-0341 $12.50 in USA

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