Polish PM Blasts Barack Obama’s Death Camp Statement For Its ‘Ignorance, Lack Of Knowledge, Bad Intentions’ – And Here Is Why Poland Should Forgive Obama Immediately!!!

Please watch these videos. You have to see this with your own eyes:

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Obama signs the wrong year in the guestbook at Westminster Abbey (and before that he had to ask for the date).

In another video Obama claims that he has visited 57 states.

And … the constitution was written ’20 centuries’ ago.

And … Obama: ‘Countries like Europe’ ???

Now you understand that Obama simply doesn’t know better.

And if you you still haven’t found enough compassion for President Obama, then please watch this:

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At least Michelle Obama knows where he was born:

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Barack Obama has a public diplomacy disaster on his hands

Polish PM blasts Barack Obama’s death camp statement for its ‘ignorance, lack of knowledge, bad intentions’ (Telegraph, May 30, 2012):

America’s liberal ‘mainstream’ media has largely ignored the diplomatic firestorm which has resulted from Barack Obama’s reference to a “Polish death camp” at a White House awards ceremony yesterday. But to say that this has been a public relations disaster for the Obama administration would be an understatement.

The Polish government, one of Washington’s most important allies in Europe, has reacted with undisguised fury to the president’s crass and insulting words. In a highly unusual move for a close US ally, the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has issued a harshly-worded rebuke to Barack Obama, underscoring the intense displeasure of the Poles over a highly sensitive issue. The White House has still not apologised for the president’s comments, but I suspect an apology may be forthcoming as anger builds across the Atlantic as well as at home among the 10 million-strong Polish American community in the United States.

Here is Tusk’s statement in full:

Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s statement on the speech of US President Barack Obama, Chancellery of the Prime Minister, 30th of May 2012.

The words uttered yesterday by the President of the United States Barack Obama concerning “Polish death camps” touched all Poles. We always react in the same way when ignorance, lack of knowledge, bad intentions lead to such a distortion of history, so painful for us here in Poland, in a country which suffered like no other in Europe during World War II.

For Poland and for our country, but also for all our fellow citizens, this is something that we cannot ignore. Here, in Poland, we cannot accept such words even if they are spoken by the leader of a friendly power – or perhaps especially in such situations – since we expect diligence, care, and respect from our friends on issues of such importance as World War II remembrance. In Polish-American relations, in friendly relations, respect vis-à-vis the smaller partner should be the most recognizable sign of such relations.

But this is not only an issue of justified sensitivity when it comes to Nazi German concentration camps which were placed on Polish soil in order to murder Jews, but also Poles and other nations. Today this is first and foremost the problem of America’s reputation. We expect Americans to become involved – in particular in relation to this statement – in our efforts, in our measures which will enable us to eliminate, once and for all, these false phrasings, so immensely unfair for Poland.

Perhaps this is paradoxically a very good occasion for the U.S. administration, for Americans, and for the President of the United States to support Poland in its efforts towards historical truth, towards the correct phrasings, the right assessment of what happened during World War II on Polish territory and throughout Europe.

This is also important for the United States, since American soldiers, too, died during World War II. If these were “Polish death camps,” then at whose hands did American soldiers die? If these were “Polish death camps,” then from whose hands did the uncle of the President of the United States liberate the Buchenwald concentration camp? When someone says “Polish death camps,” it is as if there were no Nazis, no German responsibility, as if there was no Hitler – that is why our Polish sensitivity in these situations is so much more than just simply a feeling of national pride.

This truth about World War II is important and must also have importance for every other nation. I am convinced that today, our American friends are capable of a stronger reaction – a clearer one, and one which perhaps eliminates, once and for all, these types of mistakes – than just the correction itself and the regret which we heard from the White House spokesperson. We take note of these words, but it seems that it would be even more important for the United States than for Poland to end this with class. That is how one acts with regard to tried-and-tested friends, but this is also how one acts in your own, well defined interest. I believe our allies are capable of such behaviour. Thank you very much.

1 thought on “Polish PM Blasts Barack Obama’s Death Camp Statement For Its ‘Ignorance, Lack Of Knowledge, Bad Intentions’ – And Here Is Why Poland Should Forgive Obama Immediately!!!

  1. I remember his great speech to the European powers just before his election, and he was riding high. He described Muslimism as a religion of peace. I was shocked, it showed an amazing ignorance to anyone who has ever had any religious studies classes…….most universities required it in the Junior and Senior years.. I was disgusted at the time, I had to take religious studies in my senior years, but I was a history major. History majors have to study social, political, economic and theological values and beliefs of folks in all periods.
    Imagine studying the Reformation without religion.
    As for the statement his mistake will not be accepted by Americans…..those that go to the TV for news will never hear this story.
    I refuse to get into the birther game…….it is beyond stupid. Had he really been born in Kenya or other places, they would have found the proof. I do agree he is a Manchurian Candidate.
    He is the first editor of the Harvard Review never to have submitted an article for publication. That is ice cold water into one’s face…….but few Americans ever heard the story broken by Cenk of the Young Turks…….he has a short career on TV, but spoke the truth too often, so they threw him off the air. Fortunately, he already has a large following on the Web, just look under Young Turks.

    When he revealed Obama was the first ever to be made editor of the Harvard Review without a single publication, a lot of things fell into place. All of his votes as an IL senator……so many were voted “present.” When he got to the US senate, the US media sold him to the US public as a new face in an old world………I came to the total realization he was planted and planned years ago. He is truly a Manchurian Candidate.
    Americans were totally suckered. Rather than admit it, they go to the TV for news and avoid folks like me who won’t tell any story of truth, just propaganda, obfuscation, and tabloid. They hide all the truth about Obama’s warmongering actions…..they know nothing about it.
    How ironic in an “Information Age” it gets harder and more difficult to find truth anywhere. CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, …..all cover the same stories at the same time every day……there is no variation, and no truth.
    The American government has become afraid of truth, and that is a huge danger sign. But, like so many other nations of the past, the people will ignore the nasty elements until it is too late.
    In this case, you are expecting a deeply programmed Manchurian candidate to have depth of knowledge…..and he doesn’t. He has singlehandedly taken the worst aspects of the Bush administration, and set them in law using stone. This so-called constitutional specialist used his specialized knowledge to destroy and finish off the very document he swore to uphold. Just look at his pet parts of NDAA allowing the military to sweep up civilians at home or abroad, and hold them for years without charges. Only suspicion is necessary (How the hell does one measure that??) to hold them, giving them no due process or rights. This is in direct conflict with the meaning of the founders who knew first hand how dreadful military rule can be.
    Obama has put the US one step from military dictatorship, and most of the fools have no clue about it. The propaganda machine tells them they are still free……..the biggest lie of all.
    US citizens are even devoid of habeas corpus, a right of man since 1215. I sometimes wonder how many of them even know what it was………..I get so depressed when I look at the people who still stupidly think they have control of their own futures. Their ignorance and low minded reasoning makes it a bitter joke.
    I have no sympathy for the American citizens too lazy to go online to see what is really going on, those of us who go beyond AOL or Huffington Post……..they embrace ignorance. Cannibals elect cannibal kings.

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