‘13,300 Bq/Kg From The Ash Of Firewood For Dried Bonito And Concealed For 8 Months’

13,300 Bq/kg from the ash of firewood for dried bonito and concealed for 8 months (Fukushima Diary, April 16, 2012):

On 4/12/2012, Yaizu fisheries processing industry cooperative and Cooperative YAIZU marine processing center announced they measured 13,300 Bq/kg of cesium from the ash of firewood for dried bonito back in August. Though they were concealing the fact for 8 months, they state they didn’t measure cesium from their dried bonito products.
The contaminated ash is 8 tones, mixed with the firewood from North kanto and Fukushima etc. The worker to landfill the ash of 13,300 Bq/kg for one year will be exposed to 1.3 mSv/y, which is over 1.0 mSv/y.

焼津鰹節組合水産加工業協同組合と協同組合焼津水産加工センターは去年の8月に使った鰹節乾燥用の薪の灰から13,300 Bq/kgのセシウムを検出したと4/12に発表しました。



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