Radioactive Japan: 20% Of The Children In Disaster Area Lost Weight And/Or Stopped Growing

20% of the children in disaster area decreased weight (Fukushima Diary, April 16, 2012):

Following up this article..Children stopped growing in Fukushima

Japan auxology academic society analyzed the growth data of 100 students living in Tsunami disaster area of Miyagi, from April, August to January.
As a result, more than 20% of the students (6~8 years old) decreased their weight or stopped growing. Female students of 7 years old are supposed to grow by 3kg yearly but some of them even decreased their weight by 1~2 kg from August to January.

On the other hand, 10~15 % of the 9~12 years old students showed obesity trend. 10~11 years old male students are supposed to grow by 4.2 kg yearly, but one of the male students grew by 8kg for these 10 months.
Japan auxology academic society also analyzed the growth data when great hanshin earthquake happened in 1995 to assume it is because of the stress and lack of exercise because of the life after disaster.
However, vice chair of the researching group states this is a significant data even though it had been only for less than one year since 311. It is important to find the health problem as soon as possible for children, elementar schools in disaster area must pay attention to the body measurement results.

被災地の児童、発育に変調 日本成長学会が宮城で調査
宮城県内の津波被災地で、発育に変調をきたす児童が目立っていることが、日本成長学会(東京)の調査で分かった。体重が十分増加していなかったり、急激に 増加したりする児童が多いという。心理的なストレスが原因と考えられ、同学会は「発育への影響は長く続く。今後も注意深く観察する必要がある」と訴えてい る。



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