10 ‘Facts’ That Should Worry Europe’s Equity ‘Fiction’

10 ‘Facts’ That Should Worry Europe’s Equity ‘Fiction’ (ZeroHedge, April 2, 2012)

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  1. It is reassuring to know other people see what I see. I think the US dollar is close to collapse. Already, many emerging economies are no longer using the US dollar, they have found other ways to trade with each other using their own currencies.
    The South American Trade Alliance was the blueprint. In 2010, 12 small nations started trading with each other leaving out the US dollar. They created an electronic currency, the Sucre, which went live in July of 2010. It is electronic only, and translates the currencies between member states forgoing the need to convert to the US dollar first. Other nations are joining them.
    Russia and China followed suit at the end of 2010, they trade between themselves using their own currencies, leaving the US dollar out of the transactions.
    With the sanctions on Iran, India and Japan have joined with Russia & China, trading with Iran using their own currencies. The US gave Japan a pass, but now are making threats to China, Russia, South Africa, India, etc because they continue to trade with Iran. The US is accelerating the drive for other nations to continue and expand on ways to avoid the dollar. Don’t they see the trouble we are in?
    Iran came out and announced it will trade with any nation allowing use of their own currencies or gold…..
    For the fun of it, I looked up the GDP for the nations who have moved away from the dollar….did not include South Africa. The bite is over $20 Trillion, the global economy is estimated between $50-65 Trillion a year.
    I looked up the investments for Social Security. All of it, $4.7 Trillion is in US treasuries. That is the extent of investment…….millions are going to suffer when the US treasuries collapse.
    Thanks for all you do.


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