Japanese Government Will Nationalize Tepco By July

Japanese government will nationalize Tepco by July (Fukushima Diary, Mar 30, 2012):

Tepco requested Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund for capital infusion of 1 trillion yen public fund without clarifying the voting right of the government, which is very rare.

Tepco is going to submit their restructuring plan for the next decade by mid April to the government.

Tepco has also requested for 845.9 billion yen of the support for the expanding compensation of Fukushima disaster. Japanese government is going to nationalize Tepco by July.


2012-03-29 11:50

東京電力は29日、公的資金1兆円による資本注入を政府の原子力損害賠償支援機構に申請した。今後10年間の経営改革の道筋を示す「総合特別事業計 画」を4月半ばをめどに政府に提出。政府は7月にも東電を実質国有化する。東電は福島第1原発事故の賠償拡大に伴う追加支援8459億円も同時に申請し た。焦点となっている政府の議決権は計画に盛り込む。議決権を明示せずに資本注入を申請するのは極めて異例だ。

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