Fukushima Worker Dies Of Heart Attack, TEPCO Conceals Cause Of Death For 2 Days

Cardiopulmonary arrest worker died and Tepco concealed it for 2 days (Fukushima Diary, Jan. 11, 2012):

Following up this article ..Another Fukushima worker suffered cardiopulmonary arrest.

Tepco announced he actually died of cardiac infarct on the day when he was hospitalized.

It was 17:02  1/9/2012.

According to Tepco, he started working at the plant since last May, the total external dose was 6mSv. Total internal dose was 0.01mSv.

Tepco asserts there is no connection between his death and radiation.

About the reason why they concealed his death for 2 days, they state they received the information to tell he died on 1/10 from his family, and received the information from the sub-contract company on 1/11.



Cause of Death of the Fuku-I Worker: Heart Attack (EX-SKF, Jan. 11, 2012):

As always, there is no connection between the death and the fact that he had worked at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant since May last year, according to TEPCO.

He must have died of stress, Mr. Shinzo Kimura and other experts may say.

For some unknown reason, it took 2 days since he had died for the information to be released by TEPCO.

From Jiji Tsushin News (1/11/2012):

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TEPCO announced on January 11 that the worker from an affiliate company in his 60s who collapsed on January 9 afternoon at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant and was transported to a hospital in Iwaki City in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest died of acute myocardial infarction in the evening of January 9. The worker engaged in the construction of the storage facility for radioactive sludge. According to TEPCO, the family of the deceased notified the subcontractor who notified TEPCO in the afternoon of January 11.


According to TEPCO, the worker had long worked in the construction jobs using concrete. He had been at Fukushima I Nuke Plant since May last year, and his cumulative external radiation exposure was about 6 millisieverts, and the internal radiation exposure was 0.01 millisievert. TEPCO thinks there is no relationship between the death [and the radiation expposure of the worker].

Well, those are the “official” numbers. We now know how the workers get around the radiation limit by doing some tricks to lower the radiation on the survey meters. Besides, in the early days of the crisis, the survey meters were not available for every workers, because the survey meters at the plant had been swept away in the tsunami.

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