TEPCO Had Dust Sampling Data from March 11, Didn’t Tell The Rest Of Us Until November 24

TEPCO Had the Dust Sampling Data from March 11, and Didn’t Tell the Rest of Us Until November 24 (EX-SKF, Nov. 24, 2011):

From the tweets (here, here and here; in Japanese) of independent journalist Ryuichi Kino, from the TEPCO/government joint press conference on November 24, 2011:


Specs of the monitoring car that I asked about in the last press conference: dust sampling, air radiation level, neutron detection, wind speed and strength, etc., according to TEPCO’s Matsumoto. So I asked, “Weren’t you then doing the dust sampling from March 11?” Matsumoto answered as a matter of fact, “Yes.” At that time in March, TEPCO said they weren’t.


I think it was March 21 when TEPCO announced the result of the dust sampling for the first time. The explanation was that the samples were collected on March 18 and 19, and they were brought to Fukushima II and analyzed. Since the analyzer at Fuku-I was unusable, they weren’t doing any dust sampling, there was no need – that was the explanation.


Matsumoto said he confirmed that the data was uploaded at the NISA’s home page, and he will find out why it is not on TEPCO’s home page. This TEPCO’s attitude toward disclosure of March information is very problematic… If the result of dust sampling analysis was disclosed at that time, it might have proven the core meltdown. Did they hide?

I wonder. If you believe TEPCO (and the government), you will ______ (fill in the blank as you like).

I’ll try to find that data on the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency’s website tomorrow.

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