Alice In Wonderland – Black Humor – Some Japanese Contaminated Beyond 100,000 CPM – Minister Of ‘Nuclear Power’ Goshi Hosono’s Face Shows Hiroshima ‘City Entering Exposure’ Spots? (Pics) – Decontamination Volunteers Die of Heart Attack

Alice in wonderland (Fukushima Diary, Nov. 15, 2011):

Today I appeared to somewhere official.

4 men interrogated me.

They wanted to make up a story that I was an international criminal or something.

It was a strange spectacle.

They tried to make me state I was involved in an international money laundering though I only bought an A-bike on eBay.

and I explained how risky the internal exposure of tritium is. lol

I told them to evacuate too ,but they were too busy at suspecting me.

It makes me feel like I’m alice in wonderland.

Nobody seems to care about radiation around in Tokyo.

Once you mention radiation,they’d call you ambulance.

Anyway,the result of today’s interrogation is supposed to come out around on 25th.

If it’s not friendly enough, I might need to emigrate to North Korea by boat.

It is the safest country because there is nothing to eat.
No risk of internal exposure.

My diarrhea stopped.

Ms.Noro,the organizer of Bridge to Chernobyl said adults get used to radiation. That is the problem.
Huge problem will attack you later.

I mustn’t stop walking on down.

Now my turtles,who have been with me for 19 years are sleeping with white eye lids.
They don’t know anything.
They don’t know they’ll be left in Japan.

I hope to come back some time to see them.

Today I heard the story that they measured beyond 100,000CPM from 5 people in Minami soma shi.
They were actually “unmeasurable”.(Source)

They are too radioactive so people around them are irradiated by themselves.

Minister of nuclear power, Hosono is promoting meaningless decontamination in Fukushima.
He and his funny frieds are trying to make us believe it’s become CLEAN because volunteers decontaminated the land.

However,some of the volunteers have already died after decontamination labor because of cardiac infarct.
This will never be news on main street.
but the spots on Hosono’s face can’t be hidden.

People who entered Horoshima after atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima had the spots like that.
It was called “city entering exposure”.


Again, I still expect someone to be a sponsorship for this blog.
For what ? for your honor. To show you never surrender to the power.

If you have a bit of extra money,it won’t hurt your reputation to be a sponsor of the truth teller.

(Not only Mochizuki’s Fukushima Diary could make good use of some donations. Infinite Unknown received only one donation in 2011 so far. Obviously we are not doing this for the money.)

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