Neutron Ray From Uranium Detected In Tokyo (Video)

Breaking News: Neutron ray measured in Tokyo (Fukushima Diary, Oct. 19, 2011):

Neutron ray was measured in Tokyo.

This is the screen shot of the moment when they measured it in a car, around Toranomon, where is near Tokyo tower.(10/18/2011)

Before 311, average neutron ray was 4 nSv/h.

After 311, it’s 464 nSv/h (116 times higher than before 311).

Neutron ray is emitted from Uranium 235.

In one of the worst hot spots in Chiba, Kashiwa shi, citizens detected Uranium 235.

It was right beside a bench in Matsuba daiichi kinrin park.

10/11/2011 9:40 AM ~ 10:30 AM

1.2 m high from the ground

  • Background 0.372 ?Sv/h
  • 80.0 keV,?Unsorted type of radioactive material = 254 Count
  • 191 keV,?LEU?low enriched uranium = 180 Count
  • 594 keV,?Cs-134 = 221 Count
  • 655 keV,?Cs-137 = 208 Count

15 mm high from the ground

  • Background 0.628 ?Sv/h
  • 30.2 keV,?Cs-137 = 621 Count
  • 188 keV,?LEU?low enriched uranium = 156 Count
  • 594 keV,?Cs-134 = 467 Count
  • 654 keV,?Cs-137 = 412 Count

In Kashiwa, even from the height of 1.2, they can measure Uranium 235.

They are all scattered on the ground and they all emit neutron ray.

Here is the video of the moment when they measure neutron ray.?In Tochigi?

YouTube Added: 16.10.2011

Neutron ray can not be measured by most of the Geiger counters.

and it’s way more harmful to human body.

According to the worst pro-nuc safety standard ICRP60:

  • Tumor risk: 3~200 times higher than gamma ray
  • Possibility to shorten your life by cancer: 15~45 times higher than gamma ray
  • Genetic transformation: 35~70 times higher than gamma ray
  • Chromosomal abnormality: 40~50 times higher than gamma ray
  • Genetic impact for mammal: 10~45 times higher than gamma ray

This is why I warned that dosimeters makes you blind.

There have been a lot of the cases such as nosebleed, fatigue (bura bura disease), immune trouble etc..

They have been labelled as “harmful rumor” because “air dose” is too law to cause those symptoms.

However, this measurement of neutron rays makes everything clear.

Fear is always in the blind spot.

Now Uranium 235 is all around in Tokyo, which came from MOX with Plutonium.

They keep emitting neutron ray.


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  1. Have you any readings from CA, WA, or OR? If it is that bad over there, it must be here as well. Since you are the only site staying on this important story, I am hoping you have some information about the atmosphere, soil & water in Northern America.
    I read that Japan is offering 50,000 free trips to their country to attract some of the tourist trade they have lost thanks to the nuclear fallout. 50K free visits, but I am sure they want something in writing saying how great it is in Japan. It sounds like something our leaders would cook up……pathetic.
    Thanks for staying on this important story! Now that I have decent Internet service once again, I will be visiting your site for news & information.
    Marilyn Gjerdrum


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