1 US Marine Makes 30 NYPD Cops Back Down


Sgt. Shamar Thomas On RT: Unbelievable How NYPD Treats Occupy Wall Street Protesters (Video)

Occupy Movement Spins Off ‘OccupyMARINES’ and ‘Occupy Police’ (The Raw Story)

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Source (Oct. 17, 2011)

“United States Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas from Roosevelt, NY went toe to toe with the New York Police Department. An activist in the Occupy Wall Street movement, Thomas voiced his opinions of the NYPD police brutality that had and has been plaguing the #OWS movement. Thomas is a 24-year-old Marine Veteran (2 tours in Iraq), he currently plays amateur football and is in college. Thomas comes from a long line of people who sacrifice for their country: Mother, Army Veteran (Iraq), Step father, Army, active duty (Afghanistan), Grand father, Air Force veteran (Vietnam), Great Grand Father Navy veteran (World War II).”

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  1. We, in the rest of the world, often hear about how free americans are and in particular their right to free speech.
    I found this guy a little annoying but understand what It’s like when your full of adrenaline.
    His decision to wear army garb is surely his right (in a free country), and saying what he really feels to whom ever may listen is surely his right (in a free country), so make your mind up America, either you want to live in a free country or you don’t.
    Haters ‘be hatin’ etc.


    wow – is america dumb or wut

    it is a horrible, but entertaining site to read the military people talk bad about how he is wearing his outfit, but fail to read that he is a veteran.

    i think most of the military just go with what they are told because they cannot read.


  3. Many of you state that he is a disgrace to the marines, commenting on how he is dressed. Other than the way he is dressed representing what he does, i don’t see what that has to do with what he is saying.
    Yes, he is repeating the same line over and over, the reason is, because he wants an answer, an answer to the questions that people all over the United States ask in their mind. He’s stating his strong opinion about police force. He’s stating what he saw, witnessed while he was there, the brutality.
    Don’t get me wrong, i have respect for the police force, for the sacrifice they make, for what they do in protecting united states citizens, but some police officers take advantage of their uniform, of their badge, and go around doing things that aren’t right at all. That man, he stated the strongest points, he stated things that people in the united states have been quite about, or have tried to speak out about but have been ignored. everyone can go on and on about how he is dressed, how it’s a disgrace to the marines but in the end, he’s speaking his mind about OUR country about OUR rights, about OUR freedom about US, so rather than making your idiotic remarks about how he is dressed how about you actually listen to what he says. Right now, wither we know it or not, we’re in a Civil War. Where it is citizens vs the government, where the citizens are being limited on their freedoms. If you watch and listen to the video closely, the police try to shut him up, i will agree with many about his behavior, he could’ve gotten his message across in a different manner, but when you’re being forced to stay quite i don’t see any other way. I have respect for anyone who serves in the military, i have respect for our government, i have respect for our law enforcement, but i’m seeing that the government is corrupt, i’m seeing that our law enforcement is being corrupt, you can agree or disagree, you can say i’m wrong or i’m right. You can say what you like about me, but like that man in the video i’m simply stating my opinion, stating my thoughts, like everyone else.

  4. you guys watch far too much Fox news… open your eyes? How can put this man down? If you watch the USER filmed videos there is clear brutality towards peaceful protesters.

    We fight for democracy? We fight for money, we fight for resources, we silence anyone who stands in our way.

    Stop being drones and wake up.

  5. What I don’t get is all the idiots saying what the cops are doing is legal…IT ISN’T ILLEGAL TO CIVILLY PROTEST IN THE UNITED STATES.. What that means is, we have the right to peacefully protest with any harm or attempted harm coming to us, and this man is speaking out against that, for the law that the police have neglected and ignored when they came out to hurt these people and force them to stop. All I have to say is, anyone siding against these people are part of the problem, not the solution, and as long as it keeps going on our once great nation will not climb out of it’s rut, the debt we are in right now is insanely high, the president has doubled it (a debt that took 200 years to collect, doubles in one term) and we are sinking further and further into a depression. These things are truths, there is no denying them as they are in the streets of your every day life, and they will not change as long as the minority of people control the majority of the government, instead of the government being an extension of the people’s will as it was originally intended to be.

  6. You people talking about the cops just standing there doing nothing; Did you stop to consider what happened before the person with the camera started filming? Are you totally unaware of what was going on at these protests? Keeping in mind that the right to peaceful protest is absolutely protected under your own constitution.

    What this guy is wearing is entirely irrelevant. Except in so far as he’s actually fought to protect the rights and freedoms that are being violated by certain police officers(I hesitate to suggest there’s some sort of institutionalized violence going on here). Really, he has much more right to say what he’s saying than any of you imbeciles sitting behind your computer screens who have likely contributed nothing of value to society.

  7. He should not be wearing his uniform. Marines are not allowed to wear chammies in public and off duty. That’s why they get envious of the Army boys sometimes cause they get to wear their uniforms and people come up to them and thank them and ask them about their tours.

    My boyfriend is a Marine. He’d be livid if he saw this.

  8. This man is doing what he suppose to do. People if u cant see that our country has been taken over by “something”, “interest” coup de ta usurped you are stupid and misinformed and cant think critically. Look at what is done not what is said they gonna do. show of police is ok but the violence and the crackdown being done uniformly across the country sends a message to a corrdinated task force to shut the people down. and the media is not showing what they need to…be careful folks. its a new day.. But America always prevail. Look at what happended in the 60’s during civil rights. now its about American rights and the constitution… wake up folks…

  9. If this man, was dressed as a bum and u found out he was a marine, people would criticize him to be non representing of this country as he is dressed like a bum. Had he been wearing a fireman s uniform, he would be criticized for that as well. The uniform in itself should not matter. When a serviceman or woman, is discharged they are allowed to keep their uniforms. He stands their, defending the rights of the people. Not to be beaten, harassed or scared down. This Man, be a marine or not, stands defending his fellow Americans and the unjust hand that has been put upon them. Are we so entwined with all that has been thrown at us that we can no longer see the bigger picture? That we are losing ourselves among the political BS that has become our country? That everything is now about money, while the rich get richer the poorer get poorer? I commend this man, a fellow soldier. Not because he stands in uniform, but because he has the balls, and the courage to do what so many on this page commenting, does not. He stand, one of many, for our rights. He should be proud. He will not be the first, nor the last Marine or military personnel standing up for the rights of this country’s people. The fact that some of the people responding to the video, can only see his uniform, is extremely sad.

  10. This is what it takes. All of the military should do the same thing this great guy did for us. The police have been beating our protestors. I think the active military should stand with the 99% and protect the citizens living in the country that they have defended. I am sure the people who spoke negative against this young man are the 1% that want to see America destroyed. I say thank you to Sargent Shamar Thomas. If you can wear your uniform in a foreign country to defend America you can damn sure wear it in America.

  11. Anyone speaking negatively about this man clearly doesn’t understand. The military members fight and die to PROTECT OUR FREEDOMS. Freedoms like protesting. I for one hope more people who have served will care as much as he does. We will all wish we would have stood up if changes don’t happen soon.

  12. Maybe he saw some bad shit in Irac, but hey… American police is a bunch og violent assholes. Ive been in America once, from Norway btw.
    And they are a bunch of powerhungry apes. Come to Norway, and see how they treat criminals there. We HELP! And if a soldier is feeling anxioty, we HELP!
    To bad your country is beond repair.
    Props to the soldier! Come to Norway dude, our police just have cuffs and a maglight 🙂

  13. Concerns about the formalities of his station or the language of his oath aside, that man has shown that he fights for ME and MILLIONS LIKE ME. He fights for the freedom of expression of every American. He may not be everyone’s soldier, but he is most certainly mine and I believe he could find himself in the company of many, many others who take my position.

  14. As Marshal said: You say he’s a poor representation of the Marines, I beg to differ. Go read the oath that all military and most law enforcement officers take. Pay close attention to that first part: “I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”

    First and foremost the police are the last line of defense, the ones any invading force will encounter after breaching the airforce, navy, army, and coast guard likely in that order. By far and away not the main one. Second, in that portion of video no one is being hurt. But pay some attention to what he says near the end. He saw at some point, with his own two eyes, people being pulled from the crowd and beaten for exercising their rights to peaceful assembly and asking the government for redress of grievances. Unnacceptable, and he made it known.

    Third point: Escalation of force is necessary? Really? Did we learn nothing from the cold war and nuclear proliferation? Truth to be told, grabbing nonviolent protestors and beating them is a sure fire way to get one of your own pulled into an angry mob and beaten. Which would lead to tear gassing or worse, gun fire and possible return fire. When it comes to domestic policing it is NOT, I repeat NOT their job to strike the first blow just because they feel threatened. We should hold ourselves to a higher standard than that.

    The fact that there are so many people in the streets that nothing can squeeze through indicates that there is a problem, and it’s a whole lot bigger than a traffic jam. Obviously it needs to be addressed, but an escalation of force is a piss poor solution to the problem.

    On topic, this man was fulfilling his oath to the letter. Forget about the tousled uniform. That shit doesn’t matter. By standing up for his country and his people for all intents and purposes by himself he did the marines more justice in that ragged uniform than most will do in a well pressed, ironed, and spotless uniform.

    Also note, I’m aware they swear allegiance to the President and their Superior Officers. But note that the Constitution came first and foremost in the oath, and that the NYPD is neither President nor Superior Officer, and by turning on the unarmed civilians they’re charged with serving and protecting, they’ve turned themselves into a domestic threat. I leave with this:

    “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

    – Samuel Adams

  15. I want everyone who says what this man is doing is bad to shut up and look at how brainwashed the society has made you. If anyone is saying this person can’t be who he is just because he is in the military need to realize not everyone is like you and accept that he is doing the best thing he knows to do to protect this community of american citizens. No arguments will come from me, so save reply’s but just know that he is sticking up for what he believes in. Cast stones if you have never yelled when upset.

  16. I thought discipline and honor were Marine Corp tenants. Did it ever occur to you, Sargent, that these cops were fulfilling their oath to protect our country against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC? Sound familiar loudmouth? OWS is a not so thinly veiled attempt to bring down free enterprise. Might I suggest that if free enterprise fails, Anarchy will ensue. Historically proven, Anarchy gives way to dictatorships. Every time, genius. Dictatorship. How about that? Almost sounds planned, doesn’t it Comrade er, ah, I mean Sargent? Ever heard the term “Political Prostitute”? Congratulations, You have been turned out!

  17. typical fucking nigger. thinking hes cool. cant string a sentence together. has no real point so repeats the same stupid bullshit over and over for 5 minutes. fuck off back to kfc and eat some more chicken. or fuck off back to iraq. “no honour in hurting unarmed civilians”? sooooo what aout the sever iraqi (spelling?) women you no doubt raped, the men and children you most probably assaulted when they didnt what you wanted because the dont understand english. you are a piece of shit. fuck off.

  18. There’s lots of fucking morons posting on here.

    Being in the military doesn’t make you a murderer you fucking dumbasses. And it doesn’t matter WHY we went to war, soldiers don’t decide that. We join to serve our country, no matter where they send us.

    Now that he’s a civilian, yes, he does have the right to wear whatever he wants, but as a former member of the military he should have more honor than to wear it as propaganda for a political cause.

    And those cops in so-called “riot gear?” The ones I saw in the video were wearing normal uniforms And they were just standing there, didn’t look like they were harassing anyone. Actually they look more bored than anything. And they probably were, having to watch a bunch of whiny college kids who are living off their parents money bitch about whatever they were bitching about. I’m not even sure what they were protesting about. Every interview with protesters I saw they all seemed confused to why they were there.


  19. If he’d crossed the line, he’d have gotten the 5-second ride…Marine or not, veteran or not, patriot or not, etc. Acting like that solves nothing.

  20. The things you ppl saying about his uniform is so much out of line. Your focus should be more on what he is saying and why he is saying it. From me watching this it made me see how cops really know who to beat on and who not to. See if he was just a normal guy without the uniform he would of got beat by everyone of those cops there you can see it in there eyes. They pray on the weak at all times. They love hurting ppl and o er using their power and they get away with it. What’s wrong with a man or women having a freedom of speech to speak tjere mind. Ad long as he is not hurting anyone why stop him from making his statement. See cuz cops dont like when you are right about what they are doing cuz they get away with these things all the time. No one really looks deep into what may have happened they just takes the cops word over the citizens. I feel what this man is a greay thing and they should be more of them out there doing it cuz these cops need to be put in there place. They are killing ppl like dogs 2 cops shooting one man. Or one cop doing the shooting and they dont fire warning shots they are killing. What happened to making arrest they not doing that. And that a fact. These cops need to be looking for real killer helping find people that are missing in the world or something instead of just standing around getting paid to mess with people for no reason..


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