1 US Marine Makes 30 NYPD Cops Back Down


Sgt. Shamar Thomas On RT: Unbelievable How NYPD Treats Occupy Wall Street Protesters (Video)

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Source (Oct. 17, 2011)

“United States Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas from Roosevelt, NY went toe to toe with the New York Police Department. An activist in the Occupy Wall Street movement, Thomas voiced his opinions of the NYPD police brutality that had and has been plaguing the #OWS movement. Thomas is a 24-year-old Marine Veteran (2 tours in Iraq), he currently plays amateur football and is in college. Thomas comes from a long line of people who sacrifice for their country: Mother, Army Veteran (Iraq), Step father, Army, active duty (Afghanistan), Grand father, Air Force veteran (Vietnam), Great Grand Father Navy veteran (World War II).”

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  1. I understand where he was trying to go with this, but am appalled by his actions.

    No member of the United States Military is to wear his or her uniform in a manner other than intended. Yeah, he has a bunch of pins that anyone who has served overseas may have- but an unbuttoned uniform shirt, no cover, simply unacceptable.

    I see he is very… vehement that what the police are doing there is against his beliefs- I am not stating I agree with them, but something has to be done to those who break the law. Showing up with your medals looking like that crazy Vietnam Veteran will do nothing to further your case.

    No one was being hurt, he was simply acting out. Doing so is fine, but doing so while representing your country and the Marines is going to prove to be one of the worst decisions of his short military career. There are better ways to accomplish your points, Standing and acting like a fool while dressed in the uniform of your Military is just not ok. I have strong feelings about what is going on as well, and I do share them in a reasonable manner. I served in the United States Navy and while I may not agree with everything they or our leaders do I would never serve them while criticizing my countries main force of defense openly in the streets.

    Police are daily accused of brutality, but put your self in a scenario where you may fear for your life or that of your partner or spouse and see if you feel that using that gun on your hip is out of the question.

  2. This guy is a joke. If he is truly a United States Marine, he would understand thre is a need for escalation of force, not to hurt citizens, but to protect themselves. He continually asks ‘why are you dressed up in riot gear, nobody has guns?” But he doesn’t know this. The police are dressed and armed the way they are to protect themselves against individuals who MAY have weapons or MAY have dangerous motives. As a police officer, if someone engages you in a fist fight, you escalate the force to a non-lethal weapon (ie taser, baton, cuffs, or spray) in a quick attempt to subdue the unruly individual(s) without all out chaos. I wish the cops woulda smacked him in the face with a baton.

  3. Sgt didn’t donate $4.5 million to the cops. JP Morgan Chase did. That’s why they’re cracking protesters’ skulls.

  4. You know, I’d sympathize with him if the police he was screaming at weren’t just standing there trying to uphold the laws of the city. Man, those protesters have just been obstructing traffic, refusing to leave a privately owned park when asked, defecating on police cars, and in other ways breaking the law. How dare those police officers stop that.

  5. I am extremely proud of this man, many of my friends are in the marines, navy and army. I haven’t seen war, nor do I want to, and I thank, Sargent Shamar Thomas for protecting and keeping our freedom in this country.

  6. For the uninformed ragging on this patriot (Jeff), the Sgt. was honorably discharged in 2007. As a civilian, he can wear whatever he wants wherever he wants.

    And the police were beating civilians prior to what is shown on the video, he wasn’t just yelling at them for no reason.

    I love how none of the cops know what to do or will even approach him. Cowards with guns, badges, and batons – they’ll beat up on civilians but won’t go near a big Marine that could probably brawl 10 of them at a time.

    Semper Fi!!!

  7. The best kind of soldier is one with ideals, strong conviction, and an unconditional love for their country. This man seems to have these in spades. Until we have given ourselves completely over to the unspeakable things many of our veterans must endure in the midst of war and battle, who are we to say whether he is over reacting, or perhaps too passionate in his actions. I wish more of us could find the courage to stand up and shout our protests freely. Not one man or woman has gone without forming strong opinions through lifes trials. We have become too timid and subserviant to realize it is our RIGHT as Americans to question the things that seem unjust and our duty to keep vigil on those in power. Have we all become mindless yesmen too scared to remember what America USED to stand for? Hats off to anyone brave enough to stand up for their beliefs, wrong, right, or otherwise, and not be silenced by scare tactics and bullying. This once great nation is becoming something else. Not the land of the free and home of the brave. Something much more sinister and self serving has found it’s way into our lives, and we soak up every spoonfed lie and empty promise as gospel. Question when something seems off to you. Learn your rights. Know your history, and improve. We are the only ones who can save ourselves as a country. Blind faith and mindless acceptance will be the death of America. Follow this soldier’s example and confront all things unjust. We are our own police, and we need to protect each other…

  8. You say he’s a poor representation of the Marines, I beg to differ. Go read the oath that all military and most law enforcement officers take. Pay close attention to that first part: “I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”

    First and foremost the police are the last line of defense, the ones any invading force will encounter after breaching the airforce, navy, army, and coast guard likely in that order. By far and away not the main one. Second, in that portion of video no one is being hurt. But pay some attention to what he says near the end. He saw at some point, with his own two eyes, people being pulled from the crowd and beaten for exercising their rights to peaceful assembly and asking the government for redress of grievances. Unnacceptable, and he made it known.

    Third point: Escalation of force is necessary? Really? Did we learn nothing from the cold war and nuclear proliferation? Truth to be told, grabbing nonviolent protestors and beating them is a sure fire way to get one of your own pulled into an angry mob and beaten. Which would lead to tear gassing or worse, gun fire and possible return fire. When it comes to domestic policing it is NOT, I repeat NOT their job to strike the first blow just because they feel threatened. We should hold ourselves to a higher standard than that.

    The fact that there are so many people in the streets that nothing can squeeze through indicates that there is a problem, and it’s a whole lot bigger than a traffic jam. Obviously it needs to be addressed, but an escalation of force is a piss poor solution to the problem.

    On topic, this man was fulfilling his oath to the letter. Forget about the tousled uniform. That shit doesn’t matter. By standing up for his country and his people for all intents and purposes by himself he did the marines more justice in that ragged uniform than most will do in a well pressed, ironed, and spotless uniform.

    Also note, I’m aware they swear allegiance to the President and their Superior Officers. But note that the Constitution came first and foremost in the oath, and that the NYPD is neither President nor Superior Officer, and by turning on the unarmed civilians they’re charged with serving and protecting, they’ve turned themselves into a domestic threat. I leave with this:

    “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

    — Samuel Adams

  9. this guy is a disgrace, what is he yelling about? those cops are doing anything? you fought for your country how about buttoning up your shirt and respecting men and women that are working hard in the streets.

  10. This man is doing exactly as he should, and anyone saying otherwise is a fool. He is wearing his uniform because he is representing America. The OWS movement is about the 99% of America, those people who should be represented but aren’t. If I were a member of the armed forces and saw people saying that they are protecting the people while brutalizing them, I would be disgusted with my uniform, I can understand him giving it no respect.

  11. As a fellow serviceman;

    In my opinion this “marines” actions are a complete disgrace and discredit to the “uniform” that he is so sloppily wearing.

  12. Jeff, while I cannot comment on your opinions of him representing the military, I do want to disagree with you on the not wanting to criticize the police force in this country. I believe that what this sergeant was trying to say was that he served in Iraq to protect the freedoms that the citizens of this country are supposed to have, and the fact that he comes home and finds that another element of our nation’s defense is suppressing those very freedoms he sought to defend really ticked him off because of the hypocrisy of it all. Basically, the message that he saw was that we fight foreign wars to protect our liberties, but then on the home front these liberties are suppressed.

  13. If this guy truly is a Marine he would be wearing a cover, be clean-shaven, be wearing the correct undershirt, wearing the uniform properly and not behaving in such a way that is unbecoming of a Marine and a member the military in general. He does himself and his views more of a disservice by ranting at officers that are just standing there and by disrespecting the uniform. I thought Marines took more pride in that than the other branches? This guy isn’t a Marine anymore than I am. HOOAH.

  14. He’s a college student and Marine veteran. Meaning he’s no longer a Marine. If he was and wore his uniform to a protest, he would very quickly be out on his ass.

  15. An American hero, unlike the slavering cowards that criticism him for protecting our citizens from police brutality. Teabagging cowards.

  16. What a complete idiot. The police are there to do their job. If they felt the need to use physical force, they wouldn’t have simply “pulled people out of the crowd” as this guy claims, it would have been out of necessity. Just because people may not have guns does not mean they don’t pose a threat. Take the recent Vancouver riots for example. If the police were simply to just not show up on the pretext that no one had guns, there would have been much more damage from the Vancouver riot. And this guy preaches about protecting American people…the army was only sent over to Iraq to attain oil. It is shocking how oblivious and ignorant this guy is.

  17. 14 months in Iraq? Big Deal. Want a hero Cookie? This guy only showed his stupidity and proved nothing. He repeated the same thing over and over and should be punished for representing the military at a political event.

  18. this man has every right to do what he did in his unformed that you pussys could never earn. it says in the constitution that the military forces shall never occupy american streets..but cops in riot gear are ok? your watching your country go to shit and your rights violated by these uneducated pigs that take there aggression out on protesters and activists. videos are swarming the web right now of complete police brutality and more are being uploaded as this message is being typed. and notice.. the police had nothing to say in there defense except “keep it moving”. granted a man in pins yelling like a crazy vietnam vet may not have been the best way of going about it.. but sometimes its the only way to get people to listen, and he succeeded in that

  19. you are an ignorant dumbass. good for you that you served 14 months, but you just disgraced our entire marine corp by repeatedly screaming idiotic one-liners on the streets of new york. You should be ashamed

  20. Cmelok said: “This guy is a fucking badass.”

    Sorry I noticed you’re typo: “This guy is a fucking dumbass.”

    There ya go my man.

  21. This “marine” needs to calm down. Jeff is correct. He is the same type of person who dresses up in marpat for girls and free drinks.

    Everybody wants to be a somebody. Way to make yourself, the USMC, and what the occupy movement is trying to do look dumb.

  22. hey jeff and jacob, FUCK YOU. until you have seen the heart of war first hand keep your mouth shut. this man and his family put their life’s on the line so you can safely sit at home and and bitch on the internet.

  23. If that guy has served in Iraq he is nothing short of a murderer. Any American who has participated in the 10 years massacre of 120.000 (that’s 40 times the people who died in the twin towers) Iraqi civilians (a civilian is someone who isn’t in the army, regular people who have probably never hurt anyone, and let’s not forget how many have been children) is a murderer.

    He’s got no right to talk big about honor.

  24. All of you who said this is shameful because of the way he was wearing his uniform, who gives a flying fuck. I don’t support the war, I dont support the military, but what this guy says is true. Why are Americans suffering so much? We call the war in Iraq “freedom fighting”, but isn’t it just Terrorism with a gold star? I know I kind of went off on a different subject, but whatever. You’ll deal with it. If not, get the fuck out of America.

  25. He’s not making any sense, just starting shit. Cops are just sitting around, he should be taken down he’s retarded to think 3 cops wouldnt take him down, he yells the same shit

  26. glad to see there is still good people like this marine. we need more people like him. now the police think just because they wear the badge and uniform that they are above the law they are not these people still have rights and these cops are still subject to these laws.

  27. At no point did I see any police back down, nor was anyone in actual riot gear, just some helmets. Screaming the same thing over and over just makes you look like an idiot. What a disgrace to the uniform.

  28. There is no honor in screaming in the faces of men who are quietly standing there, prepared to do something in case the need should arise. If he’s in the Marines and has been to Iraq for 14 months (btw you don’t know for certain what he did in Iraq, he could have been a cook for all we know) then he should act like a Marine. It takes strength and resolve to stand quietly like the police did. A weak man loses his cool and tries to make others lose theirs.

  29. To all of you other posters who think “this guy is badass” just because he stole a uniform from a real marine, should really evaluate your heritage. You are supporting someone who obviously is not part of our military but rather someone who raped a camo shirt off of a bum and likes to assert attention to himself. Some self-proclaimed “Sgt. Shamar Thomas”, who in no way could actually be a member of our armed forces; because if he was, then no wonder the war in Iraq isn’t over yet. If in fact you are an example of our armed forces then I am god-awfully ashamed of you and hope some real marines will eventually teach you how to be a true american. Semper Fi to the true american heroes.

  30. Significantly more innocent people have been injured than police officers. I agree that officers should defend themselves, but these started out as entirely peaceful protests. The officers initiated violence first, not in self defense, but in authoritarian aggression. There is no reason to pepper spray someone sitting on the sidewalk or baton someone holding a sign that you disagree with. None of the violence was called for. Also, enforcing law against peaceful assembly and petition is illegal in the US.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    These are not riots and should never have been treated as such.

  31. Kudos to all the teeny weeny tiny winy quislings calling this fellow down. You don’t know the context, and while I don’t know the context of your lives any more than you know the context of this incident, I’m morally certain that none of you have ever put yourself on the line for your country and its people the way this man has, both overseas and materially, in this video, for his people at home, against an obviously purchased police force. I know soldiers (having been one) and I know police, and nothing speaks volumes more than the sheepish looks on the faces of these bought and sold men here who know *exactly* what they are being told and *exactly* by whom, and *exactly* in what spirit. If you want to uphold freedom, you WILL NOT succeed by always siding with corruption just because it wears a uniform you trust. Look around you and see who has the guns, the armour, and the funding. Is it the occupiers? No, all they’re doing is demanding a right you’d demand as vehemently if you were ever (if any of you had the personal bravery) in their place. Of course, you won’t, because like any tiny little voice on the internet, it’s easier to heckle from the sidelines than to stand up to abuses of power. Power is necessary, and police power is a part of that, but how many cops do I know who take the overtime pay just to bash heads when the state gives them the go-ahead? Yes, they do a hard job. That’s why we ask the BEST of them. When they don’t give their best, they are DANGEROUS, and right now, the NYPD need this man’s speech more than they need anything. It reminds them to defend their people well, because sometimes they may be confused as to what democracy looks like. Now crawl back into your holes, cowards.

  32. Title should read “Large, Angry Black Man Makes 30 NYPD Cops Back Down”

    The way he is presenting himself is dishonorable. Those police are doing their jobs to uphold the law, any real Marine would respect and understand that. This guy is a joke.

    -U.S. Marine Veteran

  33. Last time i check when you are wearing your uniform, you are to do so as the regulations guide you to do so. Also i do agree with his words but not his actions. If your going to represent the uniform then you need to show the professionalism that the uniform represents. I did 15 months in Iraq and got to deal with people talking down to us because they were against the war and i held my composer instead of running around screaming and hollering escalation the situation he could of just voiced his opinion in a professional manner.

  34. Well I can see that you can build hype from either side. First off we have a right to assemble for a peaceful protest. As soon as this man started shouting and cursing at officers, it was no longer peaceful. Secondly the police did not “back down”. They stood there trying to keep the peace and after a while continued to do their job. I understand that this Marine deserves respect for the service he has done for this country, but creating an upheaval like this is just plain sad.

  35. what an asshole. look at me, look at me! i’m website worthy! the constitution protects private property rights also. i wouldn’t want the protestors shitting all over my park. buddy has surrendered his “semper fi” rights.

  36. Walks like a lunatic, talks like a lunatic, acts like a lunatic… you’re a lunatic… its doesn’t matter what clothing you happen to be wearing at the time.

    What started out as a non-event was made far worse by this guy – a very large man who happens to be a Marine – screaming at police and repeating himself over and over like someone from an insane asylum.

    Think about it… if you saw an extremely large man wearing fatigues screaming like this in public you’d call 911 in a flash … and you’d tell them to hurry

  37. We all know exactly what happens when law enforcements dont act immediately and with force. The riots in london just a few months ago were examples of that. Shops were destroyed, communities broken, and people were doing horribly unspeakable things. A guy was on the ground, half conscious after being beaten by these “rioters promoting peace and eff the police,” and people started helping him. No, oh wait, they stole stuff out of his bag and left him to wander through the fires. People here were BEGGING the police to use water cannons, get riot gear and a poll in the papers that I read myself even showed they supported the use of live ammunition. This guy, if he has ever served, if full of shit. How do I know he didn’t just put on his daddy’s uniform?
    If he has served, if he really is military, then he is stupid as they come. Precaution is why those officers were wearing riot gear.

    Stop it before it starts. Those that want “peace” are just making excuses for their actions. The rioters here looted and stole, they even killed. And the ones that reporters questioned, asking what they were doing, got answers that made no sense and had no ground. “Were doing it because of the government and economy.”

    Why are you protesting? And if you are, then what is you solution to the problems that are there? What evidence do you have to support it, and does that evidence hold water under intense scrutiny? How are your solutions going to help in the long run? How will they help now?

    “Protestors” have lost the plot (Read: “Vicarious” by Tool).

  38. To some of the people on here ranting about “oh you dont know what its like” or ” none of you have brave enough to serve” type statements. In my defense, I have served 10 years in the U.S Army with 52 months of Iraq service since the ground invasion. I’m not bragging but to put this Marine in perspective, he has served a very small about of time in Iraq. Most likely his MOS was a truck driver, or some other non combative MOS. Any veteran that has actually matured and experienced the wars would never act out as he did in public to disgrace any branch’s uniform. My instint tells me he was separated from the military due to mis-conduct of some sort. This is based solely on his actions in public mind you.

  39. I was having a bad day, until now. Thank you Sgt. Shamar Thomas. I’ve never been so proud of a stranger before in my life.
    None of you have the right to judge him in any way, shape, or form. You don’t know what he’s been through. You don’t know what events happened on October 5th. You don’t know anything. Shame on all of you for being so disrespectful to this man – whether he’s a marine or not – who was sticking up for innocent civilians.

  40. Ok,so he served in the marines right? Does that make his opinion any more important than any other citizen standing on the street? Yes he fought for his country and we are so thankful for that and everyone else who risks their life for out freedom but just because he wears a uniform doesn’t mean we should sit around and decide of he was right or wrong in voicing his opinion. He is still a citizen and had the right to stand up just like anyone else on that street.I don’t know the armys code or anything, i’m just a citizen, but who are we to judge him? He didn’t act out violently our harm the officers who he felt were harming citizens, he just voiced his opinion rather loudly.and that’s ok in my book army or not. So ask yourself this, are you judging based on his action or based on his uniform? Do we hold the uniform to higher standard that if they step out of some line we created we simply lash out st the uniform for not standing there and looking superior? I don’t think he did anything we should be harshly judging him for, From a citizens point of view.

  41. To all the quibblers citing Uniform Dress Code, the Sargent’s service in harms way, the one mistaking ‘composer’ for ‘composure’, those believing the authority of the police trumps all other things, the one thinking a fourteen month tour of duty in Iraq deserves no respect and the one labeling him a murderer; First, you disgust me through your blindness. You should be so blessed to be able to see clearly the lines drawn by the powerful. Drawn to divide us into manageable groups.

    There are times when a loud voice is needed to point out to all within hearing the wrong being committed.

    Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas’s words need to be heeded for they shame the structure and form of corruption that has crept through most every fiber of this nation.

    Take a look at today’s news from Greece. Of how the police are engaged in open confrontation with citizens, tear gassing them and beating them with truncheon. When, ‘We the People’, step into the streets and take up our similar cause because they have bankrupted the nation and wasted all our hard work. Taken the peoples money and squandered it on trifles and dialances Do you think the State and Federal governments will be any different.

  42. Vetter Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    October 19th, 2011 at 10:52 am
    To all the quibblers citing Uniform Dress Code, the Sargent’s service in harms way, the one mistaking ‘composer’ for ‘composure’, those believing the authority of the police trumps all other things, the one thinking a fourteen month tour of duty in Iraq deserves no respect and the one labeling him a murderer; First, you disgust me through your blindness. You should be so blessed to be able to see clearly the lines drawn by the powerful. Drawn to divide us into manageable groups.

    There are times when a loud voice is needed to point out to all within hearing the wrong being committed.

    Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas’s words need to be heeded for they shame the structure and form of corruption that has crept through most every fiber of this nation.

    Take a look at today’s news from Greece. Of how the police are engaged in open confrontation with citizens, tear gassing them and beating them with truncheon. When, ‘We the People’, step into the streets and take up our similar cause because they have bankrupted the nation and wasted all our hard work. Taken the peoples money and squandered it on trifles. Do you think the State and Federal governments will be any different? They will come down on you with all the might and power they can muster.

    Sorry about the double posting. Miss placed keystroke.

  43. Alright,
    While this man does have good intentions, as a former member of the US military and a Iraq veteran he should know better than anyone else that escalation of force is necessary and proper ROE is to be followed. He can not know for certain that noone in that crowd has a weapon and he should know that the cops not only have to worry about the peoples saftey but also his own. Serving twice in Iraq he should know that crowd control is a huge part of keeping yourself and your men safe. These cops were doing their jobs and were keeping the crowd under control just as he would have done in a villiage in Iraq if people were protesting and acting out. anyone that disagrees has obviously never served and just believes everything the media throws at the them. I am getting ready to deploy to Afghanastan next August. Escalation of force doesnt mean you go out there and beat ass it means when the enemy over steps and enters in to violent actions you have to be able to react and keep control the men are in riot gear because this is alarge crowd that undoubtly out numbers the police and if something happens they will be ready. Anyone remember the LA riots where 2,000 people were injured, 3,600 fires were set, only ten killed by police or army the rest done by fellow rioters, 1,100 buildings set on fire, over $800 million in damages. Would you rather have seen something like this happen rather than the police being ready? Personally in my opinion (not to be taken as fact) this man may be suffering from some PTSD and may hold some dark secrets from Iraq where to keep his men safe he had to hurt inocent civilians, and now wants to make up for it by blaming the police.

  44. Half of you morons are so occupied with proper marine etiquette than you are with the confronting the real underlying situation. That is why nothing will ever get solved in this country. I would hope that a decent majority of those who defend this country have a well enough head to stand up for what is unjust, as this man has done.

  45. Tell me why he should feel obligated to wear his uniform as if he where still in the corps even tho hes now a college student, u can bet your candy ass im not going to be wearing my fucking acu’s in the manner the army would like me to when i get out, i served a year in Afghanistan as a united states infantryman and i earned my CIB, I also joined the army infantry strictly out of love of country, and i have to say a clean shave, pressed uniform and combat boots, dont make a soldier, its all in the heart

    but at the same time this guy is a little embarrassing, he could have said just as much with less words, and probably less yelling.

    And the shit bird who said we are all muderers, take a fucking look at the rules of engagement, fuck man, i cant even shoot a dude carrying an AK47, it has to be pointed at me first, with rules like those i find it rather hard to kill a civy

  46. Let’s see, people protesting the power structure are arrested, beaten, and jailed. For exercising free speech and freedom of assembly. Those used to be constitutional guarantees. It looks more like Stalin’s USSR, Mao’s China, North Korea, Nazi Germany, or anywhere than the USA. So long Amerika, it was good to know ye.

  47. well we have opinions don’t we, yes he was ragged and loud. how many of us are willing to make a fool of ourselves , standing up for what we believe in, this Vet obviously is. did any of you ever think that after all he has done for you that he still has to chose between books and clothes. Being Cdn. I have no voice in this but maybe you should spend less money and lives helping the rest of the world and help this Vet get back to what you wanted in 1776, you were definitely on the right track.

  48. Eddy, you make some great points there, I really believe that. However, on the issue of his uniform that another person commented about, The military has provisions that state you will not represent the U.S Military in any way shape or form at political gathers or protest or make any comments as a representative of the U.S Military. I may be wrong but Its highly likely that he is still serving Inactive Reserve time, therefore putting him in a bad position if this video is viewed by the wrong brass. That is why people on this blog that are in the military have made that an issue.

  49. Desperate actions needs desperate measures guys, he may not be acting the way he`s supposed to, but neither are those police officers. So who are you to say who`s right or wrong? Plus if it was your skull cracked open, I bet you wouldn’t be commenting this post… So get a life and EMBRACE FREEDOM WHEREVER YOU ARE ITS OUR RIGHT AS HUMANS BEINGS.

  50. Force is necessary only when a person/group is becoming violent or getting out of hand and there is a possibility that they could hurt themselves or others around them. Every instance of police brutality at the Occupy Wall Street protests has been unprovoked. These protesters are exercising their human right to peacefully assemble and these cops, who are supposed to help and protect these people, are using their power to attack innocent citizens. This man has served our country proudly and has experienced more in his 14 months in Iraq than most of us will experience in our entire lives. He has seen first hand the suffering violence brings. Show him some respect. And as a human being and an American, he has every right to express his beliefs. He may have gotten a little excited about what he was saying, but that just shows that he is emotionally invested in this. It shows he has a heart. These “rogue” officers should be held accountable for their outrageous actions. Unprovoked acts of violence are inexcusable. I respect the police force and I know that they are necessary to keep order in this chaotic country, but people with power should not abuse it.
    Finally, are you guys seriously bickering about the mans outfit? You should be paying attention to his message and not his style.

  51. I understand his view and his feelings. But I’ve noticed this alot in Americans in particular.. why do they repeat themselves over and over?? “They don’t lie. They don’t lie. they don’t lie. They don’t have guns. They don’t have guns.” THERE IS NO HONOUR IN THIS SHIT!. I just wonder if he didn’t repeat himself so often he wouldn’t come across as a little bit slow. It’s so hard to follow someone when they make their statement again and again and again; eventually I just switched off.

  52. Shameful how much ignorance is directed at this man here. People keep commenting that the officers are upholding the “law”, but they are not. They are breaking the law. The First Amendment is very clear and they are not respecting it. It is also the supreme law of the land, and they are breaking it. Peaceable assembly does NOT mean you can’t shout! This guy went to a foreign land and risked his life for his nation, and his whole family did so as well and people here have the nerve to get upset because his outfit isn’t perfect???? Wow, shows how shallow a lot of you really are. How your shirt is buttoned, if you are wearing a hat or not, or even if you are wearing clothes at all has NOTHING to do with your character! The other marines commenting on here about his uniform are real tools. I’ve known plenty of marines and being a marine does not make you special. Standing up for what is right and being brave and honorable is what makes a person special. Sometimes that happens to be a marine that does that, sometimes it’s a pacifist hippie teenager, but it always deserves respect. “Laws” are just ideas decided by people, truth, on the other hand, is what it is. The truth is that the so called “law enforcement” isn’t even following their own rules. Until that starts, they have nothing to stand on, and thus nothing to truly stand for. They are tools like so many others. Brainwashed, subservient tools.

  53. thank you Sgt. Thomas. your dedication to protecting your fellow americans is beautiful and inspiring. you’re a very courageous man.

  54. Hello?! He was HONORABLY DISCHARGED in 2007. He has the right to wear his uniform any way he wants. I am extremely proud of this man.

  55. Generally say my piece and let the conversation flow- but I think I avoided attacking any one party directly. In that same vein I have to comment on some of the above posters. Everyone who disagreed with me, I respect your opinions and understand where you are coming from. Some of the above posters were very…vocal about the fact that they have been there, done that.

    7 Years and running United States Naval Explosive Ordinance Disposal Master Chief here. So please, don’t tell me about who has been where and done what. I am aware of the things going on over seas and here in the states. Again, I may not like it- but I take my orders like everyone else. If I have a problem about it I do my part to make it right. The guy in the video had that opportunity and filed miserably. I am not a former member, I am a current member of the US military. I do my best to ensure that the respect and dignity my country deserves is expressed in every way. The people of my unit do not make my Country.

    I will stick to my point that the Marine was wrong. He could have made his point and not brought the military into this whole thing. In my opinion he disgraced everything I stand for every day. Please, notice I didn’t verbally attack him screaming slurs and curses to emphasize my point.

    A poster above pointed out that a loud voice is sometimes needed, and i completely agree. There is a time and a place for said voice, and I will also agree that that video was a prime example of that situation. Doing so in a manner of dignity and respect will lend that much more power to the one tool free Americans have: Freedom of Speech- he took it in the wrong direction.

    I promise you, the Marines job as a Marine is over. not because of his words, or the fact that he stands against something that the big guys up top may not like. Because of the way he represented those that had no intentions or need of being represented by anyone. I make my points heard, and i do it out of uniform, openly. I don’t need a Uniform to make my words louder- no one does. The American public is the majority, and they posses more than enough power and will to express displeasure.


    “this man has every right to do what he did in his unformed that you pussys could never earn. it says in the constitution that the military forces shall never occupy american streets..but cops in riot gear are ok? your watching your country go to shit and your rights violated by these uneducated pigs that take there aggression out on protesters and activists. videos are swarming the web right now of complete police brutality and more are being uploaded as this message is being typed. and notice.. the police had nothing to say in there defense except “keep it moving”. granted a man in pins yelling like a crazy vietnam vet may not have been the best way of going about it.. but sometimes its the only way to get people to listen, and he succeeded in that”

    I mean… really? Did you honestly think that what you said made one bit of sense?

    He, in fact, does NOT have any right to represent the United States Military unless otherwise specified. Do you dress up in your work uniform and go spout hatred on the streets? If you did you would find yourself quickly unemployed.

    Police Brutality? Understood point- but there are just as many videos of crimes being committed, people blatantly disrespecting authority and those who uphold it. Again, like in my first post, put yourself in that position. At least they are willing to dare the wrath of the majority to support views that they believe, all while making crap for income, horrible benefits, daily danger and a myriad of other obstacles. I would much rather see a police officer in riot gear on my doorstep that a convicted killer that he risked his life to put rightfully behind bars.

    The police had nothing to say because they understand it is not their place to argue with an obviously upset citizen expressing his concerns. They realize that the people with the offices make the rules and they are bound to enforce that rule. No one likes having all these rules- but they are there for a reason. Without them that man in the Uniform would be standing and screaming over A free American Citizen’s body in the streets. The are the reasons the Rules of Combat exist- Do not attack unless attacked. But when your hand is forced you must express a violence of action to ensure that you are not the one who is on the loosing end. I am by no means saying every police officer is in the right, far from it. Do you think that everyone posting here always makes the correct decision all the time? I feel that these men take it very seriously every time something like this occurs. They don’t want to hurt anyone anymore than the next guy.

    Bottom line if you have something to say do it in the right manner, following the usual channels. People like the Marine make me feel ashamed of our Military- I would much rather root for the Soldier overseas doing anything and everything that needs to be done to ensure pricks like him have the right to stand in front of cameras and spout nonsense to the ignorant masses.

  56. 1. The US Constitution was created with the express intent of preventing the government from violating the rights of the people. If history has taught us anything, it is that government is the largest threat to our lives and freedom. The Founding Fathers understood that the greatest threat to freedom comes from those in power.

    2. This man is no longer in the military, the dress code does not apply, and he is allowed as a civilian to wear what ever he wishes which includes the medals he earned during his military service. Quibbling about it is nothing but a red heron to distract from his actual message.

    3. Baseless assumptions about his MOS, time in service, etc. are simply ad hominem attacks. You may not agree with his message, but attempting to put down his service to this country (using completely unfounded and quite frankly libelous attacks) is in itself dishonorable, regardless of your own military service or stance on the wars.

    4. His message apparently kept the police at bay, repeating it is really the only logical course of action if it succeeded in satisfying his objective of preventing further police brutality.

    5. The police do not have the right to escalate interactions with the public into violence. Their job is to serve and protect the citizens of this country, including those that are exercising their constitutional rights to assemble. Assuming they will turn into riots is baseless and creates a dangerous precedent that can be used to put down any form of dissent.

    6. Being in a position of authority does not make a person’s actions right or just. Such a belief is known as authoritarianism, and it leads to gas chambers and killing fields. No one is above the law, which in this country is the Constitution. Giving anyone such a pass is both dangerous and ignorant of history.

    We all have the responsibility as citizens of this country to prevent our government from abusing it’s power and trampling upon the rights of even one individual. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. A wise man once said that.

  57. fuck u all he did his time in hell so shut the fuck up. he has no more obligations to the corps he can wear his uniform any fucking way he wants. he deserves respect he has earned it not like u pussy left wing bitches.

  58. USMC is right. until you’ve seen war firsthand you don’t understand how ridiculous it is. I think he’s brave for standing up in what he believes in. He obviously made enough of a scene to be noticed and get his point across.

  59. I don’t know why all of you are hating on this dude. The cops backed off because they knew he was right. They had a lot of respect for a marine like that. And really you guys, it is a peaceful protest… there has been more cops and swat teams at this protest while there were none for the tea party or other publicly covered movements. There is obviously a huge effort to suppress this movement as soon as possible. This man in the video is speaking from his heart, and every word he says is right, and the cops know it. I bet a lot of those guys, especially the younger cops, probably didnt want to be there. Police brutality is a serious issue and this guy proves a point, whether you “agree” or not. Bullshitters.

  60. oh and in regards to America..:

    It seems to me that you are coming across as the slow one, seeing that you can’t follow what he is saying.

  61. No, sadly it was actually 1 marine, numerous cameras, and a nation that has already seen the NYPD doing things like pepper spraying peaceful and cordoned groups of young women for no reason. Without those other things, that one marine would have gotten one hell of a beating from the police, would have been arrested, and would be facing a number of crap charges meant to scare and distract him from taking legal action against the cops.

  62. Before criticizing someone you would think folks would get the facts . who’s to say what a Marine looks like from what I hear The Sergeant was discharged a few years back that makes him a civilian . What next you want to see his birth certificate . This reminds me of a dressing down my squad received when the Vietnamese were repatriated I forget what year that was . I wont repeat all of what was said by our platoon commander but it called into question our patriotism and IQs He ended with the next time he heard someone say the word gook he was going to kick their ass . If anyone knows about Lima co 3/1 wpns plt then you know who I’m talking about

  63. He seems to like the attention far more than he cares about spreading his”beliefs”. No one forced him to go to Iraq. I appreciate each and every person who has fought, is fighting, and will fight for this country but I don’t think they deserve sympathy, especially in this kind of manner.

  64. I do not know the ethical code of the Marines, I have never been to war, nor have I been apart of any United States Armed service branch, but god bless the men and women that have the balls to go fight for America. With that being said, I would like to point out that many of you are arguing that the police are doing their jobs, which I agree with. It is the job of the police to protect the citizens around them. But, I would like to say that it is the job of the people to protect their individual rights, and to speak out against government corruption and greed, which is what I think this man is doing. He is no longer active military, he is a civilian who feels that citizens rights are being violated, and I commend him for having the guts to put on his military top and speak out against the very freedoms that he and his family once defended.

  65. I am in the army and I am totally embarrassed at this mans behavior. As others have stated, he may be military, but this is not the way for a professional soldier to conduct him or her self. It is ok to make statements and have beliefs, but the way this guy is acting is just wrong and alarming. I personally hope that his command takes action on this one. I know that mine would.

  66. I have never served for our country, nor do I ever think I would be brave enough to. I’m not worried about how a veteran wears their uniform once they return home or how they go about protecting citizens as long as it does not harm others. The key word here, HOME. May I remind you, America means we as people have the right to free speech and we have the right to peacefully assemble.? Instead of focusing on the things about this man that do not seem habitual, I’d rather look up to him, appreciate him, and congradulate him. After fighting for the people in this country abroad, he continues to do so in ways that others would not think of.

  67. As a marine’s wife I can tell you that this guy is breaking protocol all over the place. The marines specifically are not to wear their uniforms outside of official functions or when otherwise approved. I can guarantee this man’s command did not approve his wearing of the Marine Cammies (especially in the manner in which they are being worn!!!!!!) and I’m guessing he will face some disciplinary action.

    And to the idiot up there who called those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan murderers, you are a fool. They are fulfilling their JOB and defending YOUR RIGHT to say dribble like that. Show some respect to our troops. Comments like that make me sick.

  68. And he didn’t receive a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct or anything? I saw about three different opportunities for reasons for arrest. I understand the context of the situation, his location, and the amount of people and noise already present, but was he not arrested?

  69. Did you all watch the same video? I saw no one back off. They observed to make sure he was not a threat to anyone then after realizing he was nothing more than a loud mouth moron trying to start something for the cameras, they ignored him.

    The cops were the heroes. They were able to keep their calm and not allow a situation to escalate as was the “marine’s” intent. It takes a lot of discipline to maintain your cool under those sorts of circumstances. I feel a lot better about the cops in NYC.

  70. Bet the cops would have beat him down if he wasn’t in his old uniform, or if there were no cameras obviously rolling.

    While he could have represented the Corps better in his appearance and speech, his basic massage, that the cops beating or pepper spraying people. or other way over the top actions against unarmed civilians, are cowardly punks.

  71. well heres the deal i am a current member of the armed forces and have served two tours of duty in combat zones in both iraq and afganistan. any service member knows that the uniform is sacred and should always be respected and worn properly. the fact that this guy is so jacked up shows a complete lack of respect for the service. his views although partially correct could have been better convied then by being yelled at full volume in the middle of a new york street. plus the millitary is not allowed to be represented at such events, to include election rallies and protests, this man is lucky he is not arrested and charged with impersonating a service member since he is no longer in the service himself. i respect his sacrifice but for gods sake he is representing us all and doing it in a very disrespectful way. those cops are servents of the people too, their job is to keep peace and if that involves physical, even lethal force to obtain then so be it. dont break the law and that would not happen its simple cause and effect. there are lots of ways to protest without bordering on terrorism.

  72. HOORAY for the Marine who stood up to the cops. To HELL with the assholes here who suggest that he did something improper in a military uniform. HIS MARINE CONTRACT IS OVER, he is a private citizen, and can wear and speak out as he pleases. If you morons don’t get that, and the fact that military service is an outgrowth of individual freedom and NOT IT’S CAUSE, then you need to be sent into the worst war zone in the middle east untiulk you DO get it.

  73. Sometimes a person sees something that makes him so angry that he cannot find the words to clearly articulate himself. This guy knew what he witnessed was injustice. He shouted for 5 minutes… at a protest. This isn’t a Sunday afternoon in your sleepy suburb.

    There are good cops.

    There are also cops that bully citizens, and as long as there are, there must be outcry.

  74. I feel that this man likely has some sort of PTSD to make react to violently to the police. He is lucky that he was not arrested or shot. If this had happened in my town (a large city in New Mexico), he likely would have been shot. And here, they don’t shoot to wound. Before people start talking about police brutality, they need to actually see what it means. I have seen a person beat nearly to death because he told two police officers that he did not give them permission to search his car (which is well within his rights, unless they have a search warrant). Police brutality IS an issue to be enraged about. This man is very lucky the NYPD did not react that way.

  75. Robitj rofl you call this man a fool but yet you consider yourself a “former marine”.. once a marine always a marine you sir are a disgrace. And for all you other people saying this man is a disgrace to the Marines for the fact that he is not clean shaven, doesn’t have the “right” undershirt, or not having his shirt tucked in is absurd. As someone posted earlier he was honorably discharged back in 07, i don’t think any of you people getting on him for being a “disgrace” to the marines have been honorably discharged. Secondly, He is doing exactly what a marine should, I’m not saying I agree that he is yelling, but WHAT IF YOU CAME HOME FROM SERVING A 14 MONTH TOUR IN IRAQ TO FIND THAT THE VERY SAME RIGHTS YOU ARE FIGHTING TO PROTECT ARE BEING TOTALLY IGNORED IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY.. now tell me you wouldn’t be just a tadddd bit pissed off and disgusted with that. You guy’s need to stop making accusations about people and events that you know NOTHING about, I bet have of you don’t even live in new york lol. So i suggest you inform yourself on things going on before you sound ignorant. Sgt. Shamar Thomas is a DAMN GOOD MARINE, and anyone else who thinks otherwise is just plain foolish. Respect him and any other marine that has risked their lives for OUR freedom. And i totally agree with Marshal, police should NEVER initiate aggressive behavior, it doesn’t matter how many people there are, how loud they get, what their signs say, THAT IS OUR RIGHT AS AMERICAN CITIZENS. I cannot blame them for feeling the need to walk around in riot gear BECAUSE SHIT HAPPENS, but when the police are brutally beating innocent protesters with NO WEAPONS, there’s something wrong with that picture. MUCH RESPECT TO SGT. SHAMAR THOMAS, AND ANY OTHER MARINE WHO HAS SERVERD OUR COUNTRY TO PROTECT OUR RIGHTS.

  76. Okay braniacs, how about we read the little blurb underneath the video before we start bashing his military professionalism. Clearly it states in said blurb he is a FORMER Marine who is currently in college. And should you further examine the actual video you will notice he has a full beard and ribbons on his blouse. An active duty Marine would know that this is unauthorized. So before you start acting like you’re a military expert, how about we do some research. By the way most of you criticising this guy probably never served a day in your life and are too chicken shit to even consider it.

    An active duty Marine.

  77. In other words, Jeff is saying to be a robot. Just how the U.S. govt wants you to be. Have no opinion, individuality, nor life. How does this make him lesser of a MARINE? In which Jeff and the people that agree with him implementing. If anything this makes him more of a Marine by fighting for our freedom in a NATION we are supposed tom be calling home.

  78. To all the people that keep saying in so many words that just because he is a veteran he can wear his uniform anyways he wants isnt true. Anybody that has ever been discharged from the military will know that they tell you what your authorize to wear at a veteran once separated. Maybe Current soldier didnt read that part of his DD-214 from the marines. Secondly, the only reason I’ve made his time in service and Iraq service an issue is because he brought it to the table. This veteran im sure believes he will be heard more so if he mentions that to the crowds stupidly congratulating him on making an ass of himself. Also, if these police had wanted to they could have easily arrested him for disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and/or attempting to incite a possible riot. Thats all this guy was trying to do is pump everyone up to go crazy. He wanted his fame. If something had went down due to his rants and raves, he would most definately been charged with inciting. These police officers didnt “back down”. They only “shit canned” the situation because they need to be free with major crimes are commited. Not processing some guy cause he got a rush from yelling like a moron on the streets. The End.

  79. If those cops WERE beating unarmed civilians and I was one of those civilians, a large black man yelling at the cops would be a very good thing. Some of those guys looked like they would like nothing more than to hurt someone…anyone. Your tax dollars at work.

  80. No one fucking cares about this, Occupy Wall Street is stupid, and so is this reducilus shell shocked marine who thinks he is tough shit because he served 2 tours in Iraq, probably in some “combat zone” which involves sitting around and doing nothing and maybe avoid a few rocket attacks. Seriously, NYPD have a shitty job and have to play around with a bunch of lunatics every day face to face, not from some sort of bunker 300 yards away.

  81. There is one little thing all you critics are forgetting – exactly what this man was defending: “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” …That little thing called the First Amendment is so conveniently forgotten…

  82. These people who are saying the police are just doing their job and that he should not have said anything need to open their eyes. Are you really naive enough to think that the police dont just randomly beat people in protests? It happens all the time. Sometimes it’s provoked, I wont argue with that, but in nearly every case it seems that one cop gets too excited and then the rest join in. They hurt unarmed, innocent people. This is reality. You can argue all day about how they dont know these people are unarmed, they could have a weapon…well in this case, KILL EVERYONE. Anyone could or might have a weapon. The police do have weapons and they use them. When was the last time you saw a video of a protester lashing out against the police with a weapon? And the last time you saw the police lashing out at the protesters? Well, there you have it. He may not have been talking about something that had just happened but he was talking about the situation as a whole. There is no honor in beating the people youre supposed to protect. What laws are they breaking? Not staying in designated free speach zones? Good, because America should be a free speech zone. People will start fighting back if this continues. Make peaceful protest impossible and youre asking for violence.

  83. So there is honor in invading Iraq without any proof of mass destructive weapons, killing innocent Iraqi people who also DO NOT HAVE guns. This is bs. No wonder the term “American DREAM”. OWH instead of OWS.

  84. Don’t hate on this guy man. He is expressing some STRONG feelings obviously. What you see is emotion. He is black and I’m sure he’s seen his fair share of “REASONABLE” police officers? yea fucking right man. The police are out of control and there are far to many of them. Don’t believe me? heres all the proof i need. You ever been picked out of a crowd for doing nothing and arrested and charged? no? then Shut The Fuck Up.




    you don’t believe it? then paint your self black and come to the other side of the train tracks. And if you cant afford a lawyer and your education level is below par your gonna get slaped GUILTY regardless of what happened. This is American Justice? fuck the police

  85. I could write for an hour about some of the half-witted comments I’ve just read. Instead, I’ll just say that I was very moved by his words “there is no honor in this shit.” – at a time when I really needed to feel moved.

    If I ever had the privilege to meet him, I would shake his enormous, intimidating hand and tell him he is exactly the kind of person I want standing for my country. I’m not military and never could be. It’s because of bad-ass passionate men like him that I have the choice.

    Thank you Sgt. Shamar Thomas and those like him.

    Oh – and to the nit-picking trolls, you remind me of the police in the video… I bet they talked pretty tough when they were in the safety of their homes. We can only hope that his words got through to some of them and made them think a little. Not about doing their jobs – because much like Sgt. Shamar Thomas, they were following orders – but maybe next time, one or two of them will think a little and try to put a little more honor in their shit.

    I know I will.

  86. Robbie Brown – after I read your spelling of “reducilus” I couldn’t finish reading your comment. My perception of anything you had to say would have been skewed by my perception of you as a complete idiot.

  87. Its like the old joke.
    An enemy army is marching by and someone yells from the hill top, “One Marine is worth 1000 ” So the enemy commander sends 1000 of his finest to take out this Marine. A few hours later one guy comes staggering back and says, :Sir, it’s a trap…..there’s two of them.”

  88. In my opinion, he spent 14 months risking his life for our country, he has earned the right to wear his uniform any way that he wishes, so long as he is not defacing it.
    And you know, the only reason people are picking on this point is because they can’t argue with his logic. If people were assembled peacefully, then that is their right to do so, and no cop should be standing in the way of them exercising that right. If we have learned anything from decades of police brutality and riots, its that most peaceful demonstrations only escalate when the police show up and start using force. As the man said, people were not running around with guns, so why should the police show up in riot gear like they were ready to whoop some a$$?
    Agreeing with police escalation of force is agreeing that using fire hoses and beating protesters back in the civil rights days was an ok thing to do.
    It doesn’t matter if they were blocking traffic or whatever, the Constitution states explicitly that the people have the right to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. No where in that sentence does it say that the police force and escalate or manage the masses just because they are blocking traffic.

  89. I’m too distracted by spelling and grammatical errors to see the hate speak everyone is passing back and forth. Just saying…….

  90. i like where this guy came from, however he is a crazy he said his mom and dad were also stationed in irag and afghan. bull shit man. bull friggin shit. dont wear your uniform out in the streets like that all shit bag status. state your peace like you were but dont drag all the millions of vetrans reps out like that looking like a crazy. this guy annoys the shit out of “im gonna protest…and im gonna wear this uniform to make my point…biiiiich pls, no self respecting marine, soldier sailor or airman would descrate his uniform in this way. what a fraud.

  91. This man may have mental health issues. He doesn’t seem to do anything but repeat himself over and over and over. It’s a provoking mentality and he’s lucky that the cops didn’t jump him and remove him from the scene. They most likely did not because of the uniform.

  92. This man is no military man. He should be arrested for impersonating a member of the military. I know marines, and this man is not acting the part. He’s wearing only his blouse with ribbons over civilian clothes at a rally? If he really is a marine, I hope his sergeant lights his ass on fire when he sees this video.

  93. This is a joke.
    1. The utility uniform is not worn with medals or ribbons
    2. Members of the armed forces are allowed to protest but never allowed to do so in uniform
    3. He looks like a homeless man who just visited the Salvation Army

    As a Marine Officer I would have his ass if he actually was on active duty, which he obviously is not. He may have served and received an honorable discharge but it is a shame he is not continuing living his life in an honorable manner.

  94. If people read the captions from the beginning they would realize that this Marine is no longer in service, he has been discharged. Therefore, he will not receive disciplinary action because he is a VETERAN. I cannot believe how many people are focusing on his dress. Here he is speaking about an important matter and people are more concerned if he is disgracing the uniform. As an American, he has a choice what to wear and where to be. Those who mention getting a job, many people that are involved with the Occupy movement (every site) are taking time off from work to show their support for a cause they believe in.

    It does not matter how the police look or how this retired Marine looks, the most important matter is the brutality of the police. Police officers have the duty to protect, but when people are solely standing on a sidewalk or staying in a park or speaking their minds no officer has the right to brutally attack any of those individuals. They have done nothing violent, if they are encroaching or trespassing then fine them, but in no shape or form should these people be touched by any of the police officers. In addition, people should be thinking about why this Marine is upset and supporting Occupy. Whether you agree with Occupy or not, it is time for us, Americans, to critically think about our lifestyles and the effects they have on the whole. We may be a capitalist country, but if one person doesn’t help another then why will someone help you? As human beings we have a duty to take care of each other. Instead of thinking individualistically we need to think about the greater good. We need to focus how to make ourselves better and not blame why people may be financially hurting or struggling. Stop blaming each other.

  95. I completely respect the way he spoke to the press towards the end of the video, but there is absolutely no reason for him to scream and carry on the way he does in the beginning…That is the reason why the police end up hurting protesters. If you act like a crazy person you will be treated as such. Also, wearing a military uniform disrespectfully is not going to make you look professional or make people take you seriously. If he had spoken calmly and rationally, wearing his uniform properly he would have had a MUCH bigger impact, more people would have listened and actually respected him. What happened to sticking a daisy in the guns of the oppressors? Personally, I believe that kind of peaceful protest will do more good than screaming and swearing will ever do.

  96. All of you war veterans seem to be under the illusion that, because you have “honor” than every officer has the same honor. Would you swear in front of a Judge that there is no such thing as a crooked cop? Are you so blind that, because these officers are smart enough not to say or do anything because a camera is there, that this guy is obviously a dumbass? I can tell you first hand that many cops care more about money than protecting anybody. I don’t think these cops are evil, they’ll just do whatever they are told without any questioning or objection. In fact, it’s the same blind allegiance that all of you made to the business we call our government.

  97. Hey idiots (Jeff, and others incapable of reading) This guy is no longer in the military, HE IS A CIVILIAN. Hence “Thomas is a 24-year-old Marine Veteran (2 tours in Iraq), he currently plays amateur football and is in college” Therefore he can wear whatever he wants in whatever capacity he wants.

  98. To Jeff… and anyone who agrees with his OPINION. My opinion: It’s a shame people pay more attention to one’s “proper” attire than the cause they’re standing for. “You’re saying the right things, but you’re not dressed properly while saying it, so it’s invaluable?” How superficial can one be? I’m sure he wore at least partial of his uniform just so the egotistical cops wouldn’t beat him up with their batons, as well. Yes, he his a human being, expressing more of his emotions than is normally “acceptable” when getting one’s point across. However, this was not a debate at a podium, so no rules, only the ones we human beings create through judgement and egos. This man states he witnessed innocent, unarmed, civilians being picked out of crowds and beaten. Anyone with empathy and a humanitarian perspective would’ve been outraged and passionate about helping. You’re ignorant and I’m sure I’m not the only one appalled by your close-minded, one-sided comment. I hope someone is outraged enough to stand up for you when you’re wrongly beaten by those meant to “serve and protect”. From my perspective, they exist to mainly serve and protect the 1% and their pockets.

  99. Oh boo hoo, his uniform isn’tproper, big deal. No, he is wearing it that wayin protest. Thisgovernment has gone to shit compared to whatit once was. Fuck thegovernment until they wise up. Seriously, he did what many couldn’t I was a victim of brutality from a uniformed officer. I got pulled over and thats it. Disagree all you want. We know I am right. It saddens me that everyone is blind to the crap our government and the rich are putting us through. And screwyou asshole my dad is a vietnam veteran and he isn’t as you described. He was a green beret and you WILL respecthim as such. Youwill respect all veterans as such. He didmore in the militaru then you will do in your entire life.

  100. I usually never post but I would like to set a few things straight. This man was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. As such, he is free to dress however he wishes. He swore an oath to defend his constitution against all enemies, foereign and domestic. Being a civilian, it is HIS call who these people are. Is he going about this in the best of ways? Probably not. Would I have done the same in his place? Yes and with pride.
    Mr Thomas, I like how you react to domestic attacks upon the freedoms of your people and would be honoured to buy you a beer.

  101. So moving.. <3 Hes angry because hes fighting for a contry thats hurting there owne. I so feel with him. And thank him for standing up. The power of one is big and hes showing it <3<3<3

  102. Hey everyone that is criticizing everyone else’s spelling. Quit using ad hominems. It does not make you look any more intelligent.

  103. Police officers are cunts. They think their job is much more than it is, there is a time and a place for cops being as hardcore as they want to be, but they’re just a bunch of asshole that want to make up for their insecurities by hassling EVERYONE and giving them shit just under the guise of the badge. I’ve never felt BETTER seeing the police show up.

    If we want better police officers we should fire EVERY officer under the badge right now, and tell them to get a different job. We should give badges to EVERY soldier that has PERSPECTIVE from being in combat. We should give jobs to our soldiers that come back, that know what REAL danger looks like. They fight for us, I don’t believe in war, but these men and women put their lives on the line for what they believe is their duty, their country, there is TREMENDOUS honor in fighting for your country. My father was a marine in the Vietnam War/Conflict -whatever you like to call it- and I understand so much of his mindset now, you are an incredibly ENTITLED individual when you watch your best friends die face down in the dirt next to you and think for the rest of your life it could have been you.

    He may enjoy his media attention, but what he stands for is a good cause, let the people get upset, we need a revolution in this shit country. Political leaders in the pockets of big business man, the politicians and wall street execs rubbing dicks with each other all the time, kissin each other asses, bailing each other out at all of the common men and women’s expense. They should go to jail like the average man would if we pulled the same shit. This isn’t the country the “founding father’s” wanted to establish.

    All the respect in the world for everyone in the armed services…

    But SEMPER FI for life, I’ll never have the balls to join the military.

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