Lama Dondrup Dorje (Dr. Yeung): Martial Arts (Tai Chi etc.) – Ling Kong Jing (Empty Force) Demonstrations

For a change…



Lama Dondrup Dorje (Dr. Yeung) is probably just another fraud.

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Lama Dondrup Dorje


Demonstrations by Dr. Yeung from 1992


Demonstration by Ven Lama Dondrup Dorje from 1996


Лама Дондруп Дордже, 1995


Лама Дондруп Дордже, 1997


Annual Pathgate Retreat: 2005


Лама Дондруп Дордже, 2005, Англия


Лама Дондруп Дордже, 2005, Индия


Лама Дондруп Дордже – дискурс Сутры Сердца, часть 1


Лама Дондруп Дордже – дискурс Сутры Сердца, часть 2


Лама Дондруп Дордже – дискурс Сутры Сердца, часть 3


Лама Дондруп Дордже – дискурс Сутры Сердца, часть 4


16 thoughts on “Lama Dondrup Dorje (Dr. Yeung): Martial Arts (Tai Chi etc.) – Ling Kong Jing (Empty Force) Demonstrations”

  1. Truly amazing ! How can one develope this power with little to know teacher.
    books and movies dont cut it and a lot of teachers here are under experenced.
    when will you come to the eastern USA?

  2. I don’t doubt Qi (Chi) but i do doubt some demonstrations of it. Qi energy is real. The first video he says some interesting things, but i do doubt his demonstrations are genuine. There have been many others doing these videos, best i have seen is John Chang (Dynamo Jack). His students books are very interesting, John Chang has been tested by scientist etc…………..Just look on Youtube or Google…………

  3. This is not real. This man has psychologically conditioned his “students”.
    He seems like a nice guy and I like the background music but it’s fake.

  4. anything is possible, it is important to try for yourself, by all possible means, before issuing a concept supported by a simple mental speculation …
    believe or not does not detract from the true reality of things, rather we recommend that more scientists and test it for ourselves … practicing for ourselves, not to tell us stories …
    but if you do not do that, how can you know the truth, do it for yourself

  5. People are afraid to consider the possibility of things that are beyond their experience. It was very difficult for the medical profession to accept the concept of germs at first. One of the first doctors to advocate sterilization of hands (by washing before delivering babies in hospital) was barred from the hospital and then put in an insane asylum. Even Christian teachings talk of healing by touching the sick with hands. This is the same energy which can be used in so many ways. Simply we are not conversant. At the very least however, everyoe should be able to embrace his insistence on the idea that the first step in all of this is to develop a heart that is open to all. Let those who doubt begin by accepting and practicing in that way. Hare Krishna!

  6. Is the qi actually existed like the lama Dorje practised or it is just a scam?
    Any scientific proof?
    Why only handful of people has this power of Qi?

  7. I had a few lessons of p. young in 2004,it was an amazing exspearience,he helped me levitate ,my grounding is a lot better. he shared some wisdom on listening and listening to chi and how to sink the chi .My Tai chi is on anether level,and more importantly I know what peace tastes like. So thank you Peter Young .Some people think you are a fraud, a magician, but your gift is understood by me .a candle burns for you in my prayers.

  8. p.s people,if you go against the energy in stead of going with the flow you will learn nothing from this chi work,Issues stick. violence, anger ,fear.His students are sensetive to energy, but i was taken by suprise ,by my levitation was i hypnotised , who cares i worked on my grounding. Ive heard people say he could not do that to me because i would show him up as a fraud that would not work in a fight. i say first thing about self defence is do not be there..keep away from vexfull people. and if they choose to use you to kill themselves with be compasionate to yourself and them. If you go against chi it will harm you

    • I live in a country where we don’t do those type of stuff. Yet there is something I can’t explain that is within me that is directing me to learn about Chi and stuff and it lead me to Lama Dondrup Dorje. So if you Simon Jenkins could help me to get in touch with Lama Dondrup Dorje or you yourself give me some listen to understand more about the Chi, I would appreciate it.

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