Radiation Being Spread ‘Almost Willfully’ In Japan, The Country Is Getting Unhinged

#Radiation in Japan: As It Is Being Spread Almost Willfully, The Country Is Getting Unhinged (EX-SKF, July 13, 2011):

I have a distinct feeling that Japan is getting totally unhinged.

Consider these news summaries. Consider them together. Do they make sense to you? Yes they do, don’t they? The combined message is this: Let’s all rejoice in the radiation, it’s good for you and your children. If we all have it everywhere, millions of becquerels of it, that’s only fair and equitable.

  • 4,320 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium found from the beef from Minami Soma City, Fukushima: the cattle farm that shipped cows found with radioactive cesium far exceeding the already loose provisional safety limit of 500 becquerels/kg is located in the “emergency evacuation-ready zone” – not even “the planned evacuation zone” or plain “evacuation zone”, both of which do exist in Minami Soma City. (Various posts at this blog)
  • The PM assistant and the current Minister in charge of the nuclear accident at Fukushima I Nuke Plant Goshi Hosono is going to announce the abolition of the “emergency evacuation-ready zone”, because “the 1st step in TEPCO’s “roadmap” has been mostly successfully implemented”.
  • Fukushima Prefecture has announced it will shut down the official shelters within Fukushima, which will force the evacuees to go back to their own homes.
  • Minami-Soma City has issued a notice to all 32,000 city residents who have been living in the shelters, temporary housing outside Fukushima Prefecture that they must return to Minami-Soma, high radiation or not. (Mainichi Yamagata version, 7/12/2011)
  • The national government will spend 100 billion yen (US$1.26 billion) to observe the health of 2 million Fukushima residents for 30 years, instead of evacuating them ASAP. About 1600 yen (US$20) per year per resident. Life is cheap. Since the national government is utterly broke, it will be ultimately paid for by the taxpayers of Japan.
    Remember, Dr. Shunichi Yamashita will be the vice president of the Fukushima Medical University who will do the observation and research.
  • Matsudo City in Chiba Prefecture found 47,400 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium in the ashes from the city’s garbage incinerator, but the city simply mixed with other ashes with low radiation to bring the final number to 5,660 becquerels/kg. Since the final mixed ashes measured LOWER than the provisional limit for burying the ashes (8,000 becquerels/kg), the city already buried the ashes and will continue to do so. (Mainichi Chiba version, 7/13/2011)
  • On the other hand, Nagareyama City in Chiba Prefecture simply sent 30 tonnes of its radioactive ashes (27,000 becquerels/kg) from its incinerator by cargo train to Odate City in Akita Prefecture in Tohoku. Nagareyama City has a contract with a private waste disposal company in Odate City in Akita. This waste disposal company is not a nuclear waste disposal company; as far as I could tell from the description of the company, it is just a regular waste disposal company. (Sponichi, 7/12/2011)

By the way, Matsudo City in Chiba is simply doing what the Ministry of the Environment has decided – mix and match. If the garbage or debris is likely to exceed the 8,000 becquerels/kg limit, burn with other stuff and lower the number. If it’s already in ashes, mix them up with lower radiation ashes. When the Ministry of the Environment decided this policy, the Minister was Ryu Matsumoto, who’s now in hospital after resigning from his post as the Minister of Recovery and Reconstruction.

Fast and furious. Shock and awe. I think most people in Japan still cannot fathom how their elected officials and government workers with high education from distinguished schools (Tokyo University, Kyoto University, Oxford University…) could do such things to them. Better wake up really, very quickly.

People say that the Japanese are law-abiding citizens. The Japanese say that to themselves. The truth, as has been slowly revealed over the past 4 months, is that they are followers of the arbitrary and capricious orders, as long as the orders are given to them from the government sources. Never mind if those orders are very much counter to the law itself or the natural law or the common sense.

I totally agree with ‘EX-SKF’.

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Lies and cover-ups of epic proportions. Maybe it is safe now to call it depopulation and genocide by the elitists or TPTB.

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