Environmental Organisation GLOBAL 2000 Warns: Fukushima Has ‘Time Bomb’ In The Basement! 99 Million Liters Of Highly Radioactive Water Are Now Threatening To Leak

Not sure why google translated liters directly into gallons. So exchange the word ‘gallons’ into ‘liter’ in the following article.

1 US gallon = 3.785411784 liters.

So it’s 23,78 million gallons of highly radioactive water.

GLOBAL 2000 warnt: Fukushima hat “Zeitbombe” im Keller! (OTS, July 10, 2011):

Google translation:

GLOBAL 2000 warns: Fukushima has “time bomb” in the basement!

Utl: 99 million gallons of highly radioactive water are now threatening to leak – Four months uncontrolled radioactive release and continuing meltdown =

 Vienna (OTS) - The environmental group warns GLOBAL 2000: 99
 Million gallons of highly radioactive water in the basement of the four
 Nuclear-threatening wrecks in Fukushima, despite the efforts of the operators
 leak.  "For four months now put the destroyed
 Nuclear reactors in Fukushima uncontrolled release of radioactivity: in
 Form of water vapor that is formed during the evaporation of cooling water,
 and in the form of water after contact with the molten
 Nuclear fuel in the basement of the nuclear complex is running.  This
 highly radioactive water accumulates here and threatens to leak, "
 warns Dr. Reinhard Uhrig, nuclear expert from Global 2000.  The
 Operating company TEPCO still trying desperately to ever new
 Storage capacities and simultaneously to create a finite
 Water treatment system to get going.  "In early April,
 emergency measure as simply 10 million gallons of radioactive water medium
 from the central treatment plant directly discharged into the sea -
 The radioactivity in the Pacific grew strong locally already are
 Radioisotopes in fish like sand eels and whales clearly measurable, "
 Sun Uhrig.  "Meanwhile, the central processing plant in
 Fukushima full again - even a floating platform and
 Additional tanks are filled with 22 million gallons, so that already
 total of 121 million gallons of highly radioactive broth to a solution
 please wait. "
 The water is rising
 The water treatment plant operators in the company TEPCO
 recent weeks to install, up to 1.2 million liters
 decontaminate radioactive water per day.  There are always
 However, problems with the cesium-absorber materials and the very
 improvised plastic tubes under the high pressure of the
 System will leak and burst.  "You can then almost a month after
 Starting work on 15  June is no longer of 'teething'
 speak of the treatment system, but system errors, the
 always stop the treatment - at the same time increases the
 Water, "said Uhrig. To the still red-hot molten core to
 cool, 400,000 liters of fresh water per day into the reactors
 pumped - that are contaminated again and in the basement
 . through
 Radioactive water in 5 hours deadly
 The water in the basement is through contact with the nuclear fuel
 large amounts of radionuclides incorporated.  Measurements show
 especially among the destroyed reactor containment of a 2
 Peak value of 19 billion becquerels per liter - the limit for
 Drinking water is 300 becquerels.  The dose rate in this
 Area is 1000 mSv per hour.  "If a person is
 near the radioactive fluid is present, so do not
 Once water vapor inhaling or drinking radioactive water at all,
 occurs after an hour of radiation sickness and the person receives
 after five hours, a guaranteed lethal dose.  And
 Million liters of this extremely dangerous threat broth escape! "
 Uhrig warns.
 Radioactive substances in groundwater
 On 7  April was found that radioactive water
 not only uncontrolled in the Pacific expires, but that
 the radionuclides iodine-131, cesium-134 and -137 in high
 Concentrations in groundwater found at the plant.  Despite
 Sealing of shafts and Absperrzäunen the ocean off the system
 further radioactive substances come out, although not in high
 Concentration, but it continuously for months.
 By the radioactive fallout directly after the explosions of
 Reactor 1 and 3 and consequent release of large
 Radionuclides was radioactive iodine and cesium in even
 Drinking water of the 240 km from Tokyo measured - more than 1 / 10 of
 Limit, before the start of drinking water for pregnant women, babies
 and young children has been warned.  Early July, was re-radioactive
 Cesium in drinking Waser measured in Tokyo - in very small
 Concentration, but the time lag between the explosions and the
 spatial distance from the ruins of the more disturbing.
 Despite four months of efforts: No safe Abklingzustand the
 "The repeated contamination of drinking water for the Tokyo-reveals that
 nuclear catastrophe is far from over: The
 Nuclear meltdowns of Fukushima are far from a safe
 Abklingzustand removed, the temperature in the devastated
 Pressure vessels is still up to 149 degree C - stable
 State is achieved when this temperature is lowered below 65 degree C
 can be.  Until then, the reactors must be cooled - and
 are continuing to free radioactivity, if not a closed
 Cooling system can be installed, "warns Uhrig.
 GLOBAL 2000 calls Fukushima control of wrecks by IAEA
 "Now the time has come for the international
 Community under the auspices of the IAEA inspection of the
 to take over nuclear wrecks must.  It is a common
 Effort of nations necessary to the uncontrolled release
 to end of highly radioactive water.  This has not only local
 Impacts on groundwater and drinking water but also on the
 Pacific oceans to the global ecosystem, "said Uhrig concluded.
 Timing of the Fukushima-disasters: 
 tom_pdf / Die_Reaktorkatastrophen_von_Fukushima_ppt.pdf_me / Die_Reaktork
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