AIPAC 2011: Marching In step with AIPAC – Jewish life more valuable than Palestinians

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Marching In Step with AIPAC

Interviews with participants of AIPAC’s annual policy conference in DC, May 2011.

Jewish life more valuable than Palestinians.

This brief exchange took place across from the Washington DC convention center on May 23, 2011, where the American-Israel Political Affairs Com. (AIPAC) was holding its annual convention which attracted more than 10,000 members and guests including 3/4 of both houses of Congress. As the video opens, the man, an attendee at the conference, has just been told that a young Palestinian (to her right and not shown) has just described how three members of his family had been murdered by the Israelis in Gaza. The woman, who was part of the Move Over AIPAC protest across from the convention center, asks him what he thinks about that. What do you think?

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