Japan Is Waking Up!!! – Prof. Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University: ‘Pressure Not To Release Radiation Data’

And don’t forget to stop this madness NOW:

Highly Radioactive (170,000 Bq/Kg) Sewage Slag Found In TOKYO, Has Already Been Sold As Construction Material!!!

(Photo by Yusuke Hara)

Hiroaki Koide: “Pressure Not To Release Radiation Data”:

In the testimony in the Japan’s Upper House Government Oversight Committee, Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University said there was an outside pressure on him and his colleagues not to release the survey data including the radiation data on March 15.

He talks straight.

The committee hearing is still on-going. Access is still spotty.

Things Are Slowly Changing in Japan Over the Fukushima Crisis:

Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University is testifying in the Upper House government oversight committee. The session is broadcast over the Internet, but the Upper House site is being overwhelmed with access requests.

Alongside Koide, Masashi Goto, whistleblower ex-Toshiba engineer who designed the containment vessel at Fukushima I Nuke Plant, Masayoshi Son of Softbank, geologist Katsuhiko Ishibashi are also there.

(Ishibashi insists on doing it (dealing with Fukushima I Nuke Plant) by the Japanese experts only.)

In the meantime, angry and concerned parents and citizens are swarming the Ministry of Education and demand that the government withdraw the 20 millisievert/year radiation (external only) limit for children. The Minister is hiding.

They are holding a meeting outside the Ministry. Each time some punk of a bureaucrat utters something, he is being shouted down by angry protesters, demanding the Ministry retract 20 millisievert/year.

“Why can’t you understand? What can’t you understand?” they are shouting at the bureaucrat.

I’m watching live on USTREAM.

More from Prof. Hiroaki Koide:

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  1. Here’s Hiroaki Koide’s lecture on the nuclear plant for amateurs. (in Japanese with English subtitle)
    It helps you very much to ‘read’ the lecture to understand what the nuclear plant is.

    Please let it be viral.
    If you think it is too long, you can edit it in any way, I think.


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