Tokyo: Experts Detect 5 Times Higher Radiation Levels Than Announced By Japanese Government

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Katsushika Toukyou radiation dose experts remeasured five times the government announced:

Post Seven NEWS May 20 (Fri) 5:16 min delivery

April 19, the Ministry of Education, the provisional measure of radiation dose on the playground when school “20 mSv per year” have been established. In contrast, “Japan Medical Association” is May 12, “for a child, there should be more careful for the country as a” reduction of the number, the opinion announced more restrictive standards that call for .

Begin with ministry standards, the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) issued on March 21 that “as a reference level after the convergence of an emergency like this, from 1 to 20 mSv / year in the range of You can also think “It’s based on a statement that the ministry of 1 to 20, is taking its maximum value.

In 1 mSv and 20 mSv. These two values ??together, what and how much of a difference. But a simple calculation purposes only, assuming that the outside 24 hours a day, equivalent to a year 20 mSv per hour, and microsievert 2.283. On the other hand, 0.114 mSv per year per hour is calculated as microsievert.

The amount of radiation per hour every day around the country, the ministry announced that the newspaper is published daily. Per hour to exceed 2.283 microsievert, but only the area around the primary, comes to 0.114, and the sun would also include Tsukuba (May 15-minute measurement.)

In addition, the numbers will be announced in Tokyo in Shinjuku has become 0.0632 (same). Rest assured that I thought, and 0.114 or less, the figures being published really sucks, “error” was. Mr. Wakabayashi said Itirou Hazime Atomic Energy Research Institute, Kinki University lecturer.

“The ministry has published the collection of a number of measures coming from all over the place. I decided not to measure the location, are Toritsuke public facilities and research facilities on the roof of the instrument I also ”

Dattari 10m above the ground, in places, 20m means that there is also very close measurements.

“The accident occurred more than two months. Radionuclides released into the atmosphere to fall to the surface so that most measurements near the surface, indicating a higher number than that measured on the roof of the building There are “(Dr. Wakabayashi)

Mr. Wakabayashi is a volunteer recruited by education officials and nuclear radiation, radiation dose monitoring conducted throughout the country. 100cm from the ground measurement locations were measured for uniform, came out higher than the measured data in most areas of ministry.

Measuring the ministry in Tokyo on May 10 (Shinjuku) the value of 0.0662 for the values ??measured by his colleagues and Wakabayashi .124 twice. Katsushika Ward in Tokyo, but came out the same even 0.359 times higher than the corresponding values ??of 5.

1 mSv per year calculated on a first-time .114 microsievert If you think a reference, the primary over 200km away in Tokyo, Katsushika-ku and Shinjuku-ku, Bunkyo-ku, and Shibuya that need to be alert for children and become a number. Also in the Kanto area and the city of Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, Kashiwa, Chiba, Hitachinaka City, Tsukuba City, and is over .114.

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