Tony Blair Received £400,000 From A Fund For Disadvantaged Children To Set Up An Office In A Five-Star Hotel

TONY Blair received £400,000 from a fund for disadvantaged children to set up an office in a five-star hotel.

Prime Minister David Cameron revealed the money came from the Department for International Development (DfID) and is meant to fund humanitarian work in developing countries.

But it was spent on rooms at the exclusive American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem, where Mr Blair spends one week a month in his role as peace envoy to the Middle East. The 19th century hotel near the old city of Jerusalem is one of the most exclusive in Israel. A suite costs £550 a night.

The cash was paid in 2007 as Britain’s contribution to Mr Blair’s work representing the EU, America, Russia and the United Nations.

David Amess, Tory MP for Southend West, said: “The DfID should not be giving him money. It should be spent on the world’s poor.”

Mr Blair’s office was unavailable for comment.

Monday May 9 2011 by Giles Sheldrick

Source: The Express

The peace envoy to the Middle East in Action:

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