Global Earthquake And Volcano Overview – New Madrid Strangely SILENT (05/03/2011)

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Added: 03.05.2011

Areas of specific concern for a greater than 5 magnitude earthquake in the next two weeks are:

Mono Lake California (along the CA / NV border)

Baja California

Cascadia Range (washington state border with Oregon)

New Madrid Seismic Zone (southern missouri south to Greenbrier east to illinois indiana border)

New Zealand (north of christschurch)

Indonesia (west and east of the actual island)

Indo-China (north to southern Russia east to Thailand)

Japan (east of island 20,000 foot trench)

Europe (central england to south of belgium east to poland)

Middle East (mediterranean sea west of Israel east to the gulf of Aden, and north to central greece)

No quakes in Australia.. hmm

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