URGENT: HIGH LEVEL FORECAST of Cesium-137 – Not Shown To The Public!!!

Added: 17.04.2011

Here are the “public” forecasts… which show “low” levels of Cesium-137 …



This site was sent to me, and it clearly shows the hidden (not shown to public) forecasts! In these shots, we see VERY high levels of Cesium-137 making its way across the pacific to the USA and Canada.



2 thoughts on “URGENT: HIGH LEVEL FORECAST of Cesium-137 – Not Shown To The Public!!!”

  1. Thank you so much for making this information available. MSM has buried the story, of course. I have friends who are older, and do not have access to the web, Thanks to you, and fairewinds.org, I have been able to collect enough pertinent information to instruct them to stay inside (here in Northern CA I live in a rain forest) during showers. Unfortunately, we have showers all week. MSM ignores it completely.

    I have sent your website to friends and acquaintances, I don’t have words to express gratitude. The truth has become a refreshing rarity in our Orwellian world.

  2. I just want to point you toward X-133 not being just “because of a nuclear explosion”. Iodine-133 with a half life of 20.8 hours degrades into X-133, so what you’re seeing in that plume is the initial release of the noble gas X-133 PLUS the degradation of the isotope I-133 into Xenon-133 increasing the volume of X-133 in the air.

    I would like to point you also toward the comments of the Lynn Nakasone, administrator of the Health Department’s Environmental Health Services Division.


    “Usually, if you see cesium, you will see strontium, so I guess what EPA did was they ran the tests for strontium (based on Hilo’s cesium detection), and that determined there was a small amount of (strontium) in the milk,”

    So if you really want to get worked up about something ask yourself why no one is mentioning Strontium AT ALL? We have cesium in the rain water all over the country, but yet absolutely no mention of the levels of Strontium.

    Also, on the 17th or 18th of March, the initial reports (now washed clean) said that highly radioactive Co-60 and the extremely toxic leukemia inducing Sr-90 were detected at an EPA site in Sacramento Ca.

    Lastly, all reports are that the heaviest radiological pollution seen in North America, hit California on the 17th and 18th and stayed in the LA basin for days. Now ask yourself two chillingly disturbing questions:

    What day did they run the LA Marathon?

    What were the weather conditions during that Marathon?

    Then contact an attorney if you ran in it.

    Why aren’t we hearing anything about any of this? The nuclear power lobby in the US and globally are some of the most powerful groups on the planet, and also GE the maker/designer of the reactors in question has a majority share in the media.

    Good luck, STAY OUT OF THE RAIN, let someone else mow your lawn, and may God have mercy on us all.



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