The US Dollar (Collapse) Index

I’ve shown chart after chart of the US dollar. I’ve shown how the Dollar Index has been violating support levels. To refresh your thinking, I’ve included an up-dated chart of the US Dollar Index (above). What we see here is a giant head-and-shoulders top with a right shoulder that is in the process of breaking down.

Even as the dollar sinks, the public seems blissfully unaware of it. However, the public is aware of the effects of the sinking dollar. The public does note that it takes more dollars to buy food (price of food rising), the public does note that is takes more dollars to fill up the tanks of their cars (gasoline prices rising). The public notes that their college tuition bills and their medical bills are rising. In other words, the public experiences that their dollars buy less and less, with each passing month.

The public may be slow to learn, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time. The great American public sees gold and silver rising. They learn about it through their newspapers, their radios and their TV sets. In due time, the public will want to protect themselves by buying gold and silver. It’s only a matter of time.

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Note in case you read the full article:

Bill Gross is an insider and a financial terrorist, who barks at his ‘criminal friends’, while earning money ONLY through them.


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